Kaiserdisco – Live @ Urban Art Forms Festival 2011 (17-06-2011)

Something about Kaiserdisco:

Both Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck are true boys from Hamburg. They have had single careers of their own for more than 10 years, but when they joined forces things began to simmer.

They have so much in common that you could think they were twins in mind. Both started to play musical instruments at school and also started their DJ careers then. As they grew up Patrick started to study and Frederic started an apprenticeship. Patrick quite his studies and once Frederic had completed his hotelier apprenticeship both became professional musicians.After several years pursuing their musical careers they meet up and discovered that they had a great deal in conmen and then started to work together.

Artist: Kaiserdisco 
Tittle: Live @ Urban Art Forms Festival 2011 
Rls date: 17-06-2011
Source: WEB
Genre: Minimal, Tech House
Type: Live set


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