Dave Twomey - Clubberia Podcast #093 - (04-07-2011)

Dave Twomey Biography:
Dave's first gig was at Lakota in Bristol in 1998, as the paint was literally still drying after a one year 'refurbishment' of the infamous West country club. 4 years on, one abroad, in 2002 he won Muzik magazine's monthly mixing competition BEDROOM BEDLAM. In the same year he once again moved, this time to Japan. During his 8 year stay he held various residencies at Yellow, Air, Womb, Colors Studio & Warehouse702 injecting a well needed dose of the European underground into the Tokyo club scene. A keen & prolific event organiser over the years, various projects led him to his current focus MARIANA - deep, trippy & liquid techno events inspired centrally by the Mariana trench & its fearsome creatures. Past guests include the likes of Ben Klock, Peter Van Hoesen, Mike Parker & Delta Funktionen and the MARIANA DUB SESSION PODCAST, showcasing the Mariana sound, has received praise from the likes of MLZ & Peter Van Hoesen among others.

Performing as Dave Twomey what results is an organic, ever-evolving blend of steppy rhythms, tech house, techno and more, as much at ease performed on 100% vinyl as using Ableton, CDJ's or Serato. The present is everything; old, new & potential all wrapped up into one little journey. Fireworks, however you look at it. 

Dave is currently back in the UK tending to his roots, focusing on production, but interspersed with regular trips to Japan to continue Mariana & tour. Dave's debut 12-inch release under his TR NCH alias is a collaboration with IORI on TIME TO EXPRESS. Described in press as 'mesmerising' with support from the likes of Cio D'Or, Laurent Garnier, & Chris Liebing among others.

The Tr nch sound explores the underbelly of techno - pulsating, throbbing soundscapes that mirror & draw influence from the deepest place on earth, the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean. The Tr nch DJ and live set involves deep, ephemeral & liquid techno, and like any Dave Twomey set draws heavily on a love of hypnotic music you can lose yourself in, vinyl of course & a 12 year DJ career which so far has taken Dave to Russia, Argentina, China, Chile, Germany, Paraguay, Brasil and Japan … 

More production collaborations, Mariana tours & events in Japan and Europe, and even a Mariana vinyl label are in the works.

Artist: Dave Twomey
Tittle: Clubberia Podcast #093
Rls date: 04-07-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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