Luis Junior @ Earth, Paradiso Amsterdam - (04.06.2011)

Luis Junior Amsterdam---About Luis Junior the Spanish born, Madrid based producer is gaining a lot of attention with his debut EP “Colache” released earlier this year on Bedrock Records. His current productions seeing some heavy rotation from the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, King Unique, Anthony Pappa, Monaque and Dave Seaman. With this level of instant recognition with the top flight of DJ’s, it’s no wonder Luis is on his way to playing his cool sound of techno in clubs across the globe. He has produced various tracks and albums with diferent styles, dipping in and out of subtle house grooves to ambient textures and now techno.
In his early career his music would be found on most ibiza chill-out compilations, and it wasn’t till a his remix of Baboop was picked up by Sasha that things really start to happen. He had just produced Colache and it was this track that John Digweed heard and knew instantly he had found a gem.
Now stepping out into the club scene his thunderous, yet mellow soundscapes are played in clubs as far as Mexico to Tokyo. Luis Junior has put himself in a high level of demanded for his high quality sound, with a string of collaborations already in place with dj’s such as Jimmy Van M and Guy J.
Not only is he happy with running a successful record label, producing music for Bedrock and Proton, running a studio in the heart of Madrid, and being a father to his new son. He also finds the time to produce and present his live weekly radio station “MOOSEEKAA” on every Wed night from 12am till 2am GMT+1. He has hosted and directed a well known radio shows in Spain, such as “Night Power”, “Futura”, “Space Of Sound Radio”, and “Klubbers FM”. For many years Luis has played all across Spain at various clubs and festivals such as Klubbers Day and Space Of Sound Festival.
With recent tracks signed to Bedrock and Proton and his music being charted on a monthly basis, Luis Junior is defiantly one to watch this summer. Now signed to the seminal label and booking agency Audio Therapy, his profile is set to be raised instantly. With John Digweed and Dave Seaman giving him the guidance and support he needs, 2011 is set to be a great year

Artist: Luis Junior 
Tittle: @ Earth, Paradiso Amsterdam 
Genre: Techno
Rls date:  04.06.2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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Luis Junior @ Earth, Paradiso Amsterdam 4/6/11 Zero Gravity Rooms #10 by ZERO GRAVITY SOUND

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