Kate Simko – Louche Episode 047 – (15-06-2011)


In a sometimes generic scene, where the emphasis can be on fitting into a mould, Kate Simko continues into 2011 as one of the most unique and imaginative artists making electronic music today. A woman of many talents, the Chicago native continues to be one of the standout dance music producers in the United States, earning the respect of her peers and catapulting her career to international success. 

Kate’s forthcoming album ‘Lights Out,’ scheduled for May release on Hello? Repeat, and her accompanying A/V live tour, which meshes music and a highly anticipated HD video display, promise to once again push Kate firmly out from the crowd. Recorded in Buenos Aires in early 2009/early 2010, ‘Lights Out’ allowed Kate to explore her newer ideas and, importantly, expand beyond the structure of individual songs to construct a longer story. “I looked at the album as an art project – an installation of ten pieces that together form their own unique being.”In a way ‘Lights Out’ brings Kate full circle, albeit with a twist. Her debut record was a full album - ‘Shapes of Summer’ (Traum, 2003). This collaboration between Kate and Andres Bucci was also produced in South America - Santiago to be precise – and completed whilst Kate was continuing her studies in composition. On her forthcoming debut solo album Kate goes out there with the experience of releases on venerated labels such as Spectral Sound and Ghostly International, as well as an extensive background in classical music that caught the attention of renowned minimalist composer Philip Glass, for whom she did a remix (Glasscuts, Orange Mountain Music). In 2008, Kate added “film composer” to her list of accomplishments, producing the soundtrack for the PBS feature film documentary, The Atom Smashers; the soundtrack was later released on Ghostly International.Kate’s unique path into music making has led to a distinctive and innovative sound that has carved her niche in dance music’s avante garde. While she established her reputation as a performer with her innovative live sets, she has increasingly gained notoriety for her DJ mixes. When DJing, her creative track selection and ability to adjust to the crowd make her a rare performer who can bring both depth and fun to the party. Among the numerous clubs and festivals Kate has played, a few of the highlight sets include Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, MUTEK (Montreal), Eleven (Tokyo), and D-Edge (Sao Paulo). “Not only is Kate Simko a crack producer, continually evolving her unique style of pulsating, nuanced, and sensual house music. She’s also a killer DJ, the type often called a DJs’ DJ, with a wide range and an unfailing knack for finding the hidden thread between disparate tunes.” – Philip Sherburne/ Beatportal

Artist: Kate Simko 
Tittle: Louche Episode 047 
Genre: Minimal
Rls date: 15-06-2011
Source: WEB
Type: DJ set


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