Elon [Dumb-Unit/ReSolute] @ Hello ReSolute, Rex Club - Paris (09.06.2011)

New York’s vibrant and cutting edge techno underground cannot be accounted for without acknowledging the significant contributions by the DJ, producer and nightlife visionary, Elon. Israeli-born Elon has played several influential roles in shaping New York’s electronic music landscape since moving there in 2000, responsible for introducing the city to several contemporary pioneers. As resident DJ for the cutting-edge Resolute collective, he is known for his seamless, widely creative and danceable sets – whether he is headlining at a popular nightclub or playing a marathon set for an underground afterhours event.
As part of Clink Recordings and Dumb-Unit families, Elon has been a prominent producer in bringing forth a fresh, forward-thinking sound to modern techno, keeping true to the charm of the music’s underground spirit. His distinctive style glides between house and techno, from dark and emotive territory to the more rhythmic and uplifting character of electronic music. His sharp ear for detail is reflected in his fluid sets and immaculate productions, a skill honed from his rich instrumental background and longtime work as a sound engineer.
Since his first release in 2006 on Made to Play, Elon has continued to produce several successful EPs and remixes on Clink Recordings and Dumb-unit, as well as for several international imprints such as Apparel Music, Auralism, Infant, Sleaze Records, Airdrop, Rrygular, Metroline, Infant and RetroMetro. Elon is a perfectionist in the studio as well as in his sets, constantly seeking to push the envelope reflecting a sophistication and detail in his style and soind. Releases like Noose EP, Movin’ In EP, Fxck Cuba EP and tracks such as Green Ghost and Radio Engine have received critical acclaim from notable producers across the globe. In addition, Elon has collaborated with several prominent artists from Jeremy P. Caulfield to Maceo Plex (aka Maetrik) and Vincenzo.
Today Elon frequently plays throughout Europe and the US. Amidst production projects he also runs the Resolute imprint, scheduled to launch in 2011.

Artist: Elon [Dumb-Unit/ReSolute] 
Tittle: @ Hello ReSolute, Rex Club - Paris 
Genre: Minimal Techno
Rls date: 09.06.2011
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Quality: 142:43 min - 327 MB - 320 kbps


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DJ Set - Hello ReSolute @ Rex Club, Paris by Elon

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