Darko Esser - Live @ Stug (Closing Night) - (28-05-2011)

Something about Darko Esser:
Music, work, friends and life in general is all about balance for Dutch DJ, producer and promoter Darko Esser. And more importantly finding and keeping that balance despite all the contradictions, rollercoasterrides and paradoxes life can put in front of you. It’s what binds us all like sleep, breathing and eating. No suprise that his debutalbum is dedicated to that neverending quest for balance, or as the Dutch call it: ‘Balans’. Most tracks on the album have opposing titles and the atmosphere changes from dark, moody and emotional to uplifting, cheerfull and happy. Sometimes even within the same track.

Artist: Darko Esser 
Tittle: Live @ Stug (Closing Night) 
Genre: Minimal Techno
Rls date: 28-05-2011
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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