Carlo Lio - Global Process Radio Show Guest Mix - (03-06-2011)

Something about Carlo Lio:
If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a priority in Carlo’s life; anyone who witnesses him gracing the decks can attest to this. Carlo can turn a careful observer into a dancer through the raw emotion and passion in his music. Music is a language; it is a means of connectivity, intimacy and communication and Carlo has brilliantly captured a..

Artist: Carlo Lio 
Tittle: Global Process Radio Show Guest Mix -
Genre: Minimal Techno
Rls date: 03-06-2011
Source: Radio
Type: Set


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