Piemont (My Best Friend) Top 10 April – 26.04.2011

Something about Piemont:
Students of sound design and mastering, Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres, have been releasing music under a number of guises on their own labels, Suchtreflex and Plumbum since 2007. Their work as Phunklarique, Dejonka and now Piemont, has won them a huge fanbase, headed by many of the DJ world's leading lights

With a musical background that has encompassed Hip-Hop and song composition, via Skate-Punk and Metal. It is quite a surprise to experience the deep and often dulcet tones of Piemont's modern productions.

Their beat ridden tracks do include a certain kind of magic in terms of abstract funkiness and soul which has been growing on people ever after they have listened to their tracks for the first time.

Many of their tracks have developed into evergreens, being played out for months and months. Now Piemont is no more a upcoming force in the scene but an established member of the top league of German producers with an international profile.

"Carbonat" and "Black Smoker" have been major hits but also "Plumbum" has evolved on a premium track. With their acclaimed debut album on MBF, "Strange World Beyond", Piemont have for the first time explored also deeper moments in their music.....

Artist: Piemont (My Best Friend) 
Tittle: Top 10 April 
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Source: WEB
Date: 26.04.2011


adam port-stalker original mix
DJ Sneak – Operation Sneak 2011
Maetrik – Push Me (Original Mix)
Alessio Mereu – Pandemy (Uner House Of Love Remix)
Kaiserdisco – Holding Up My Life (Max Cooper Remix)
H.O.S.H. – Antonelli Screaming (Steve Bug Remix)
Andhim – Extragold (Original Mix)
piemont – sense of self (original mix)

Download: Piemont (My Best Friend) Top 10 April – 26.04.2011

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