Luis Junior - Promo Mix - April 2011

Luis Junior the Spanish born, Madrid based producer gained a lot of attention with his debut EP “Colache” and the massive “BG" for Bedrock, a track that has been on many DJ's wish lists for many months. BG is one of the most sought after tracks around and has been featuring as a highlight in John Digweed’s and Sasha’s sets in most of 2010. With this level of instant recognition with the top flight of DJ’s, it’s no wonder Luis is on his way to playing his cool sound of techno in clubs across the globe. He has produced various tracks and albums with diferent styles, dipping in and out of subtle house grooves to ambient textures and now techno.

In his early career his music would be found on most ibiza chill-out compilations, and it wasn’t till a his remix of Baboop was picked up by Sasha that things really start to happen. He had just produced Colache and it was this track that John Digweed heard and knew instantly he had found a gem.
Now fully stepping out into the club scene his thunderous, yet mellow soundscapes are played in clubs as far as Mexico to Tokyo. Luis Junior has put himself in a high level of demand for his high quality sound, with a string of collaborations already in place with djs such as Jimmy Van M and Guy J.

Not only is he happy with running a successful record label, producing music for Bedrock and Proton, running a studio in the heart of Madrid, and being a father to his new son. He also finds the time to produce and present his live weekly radio station “MOOSEEKAA” on every Wed night from 12am till 2am GMT+1.
For many years Luis has played all across Spain at various clubs and festivals such as Klubbers Day and Space Of Sound well as international dates in Mexico and across Europe. Booking requests are streaming in from Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Belgium, Dubai and Kosovo to name a few.

With remix requests coming in thick and fast, new original tracks in the pipeline and John Digweed giving him the guidance and support he needs, 2010 is set to be a great year for Luis.

Artist: Luis Junior -
Tittle: Promo Mix - April 2011
Genre: Techno
Date: April 2011
Source: WEB
Type: Promo mix


01. Georg Neufeld - Erdbeben - Broque
02. Artette - I Am (M-Lito remix) - Apollo
03. Carlo Lio - Stuck In A Dream - Mindshake Records
04. Stuffa - Proof (Dj Nibc Boca Grande Tool) - Trunkfunk Records
05. Secret Promo Track
06. Shawn Rubens & Clarence Brandon - Departure (Beat Syndrome Remix) - Drops
07. Coherent - Archetypal - Particles
08. Technasia - Central Remixed Part 1 - Technasia Records
09. Spektre - Minds Eye (Nicole Moudaber remix)
10. Baboop - Bottle (Luis Junior Remix) - Silence Through Music
11. David Granha - Day-T - Replug
12. Phil Kieran - Le Carrousel (Egbert Remix) - Phil Kieran Recordings
13. Juan Deminicis – Remember The Future (Cid Inc remix) - Replug Records
14. Mia - Oder Nicht Oder Doch - Ryan Davis Rework 
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