Ramon Tapia - March 2011 Chart

Something about Ramon Tapia:

Mission: “To make people move by taking them on a trip in my musical head without even going into my head,” laughs Ramon, who started getting into making music to “have more feeling for the music. I started with some guy I knew from the shop then I learned step by step to create my own sound. After a while I got the impression that the people I worked with never did the things that I had flying around in my head, so I started to do my own stuff. It gives me a huge satisfaction when I see people smile when they hear my music.”

“A lot of music has had a huge influence on my productions: I like everything from oldskool rap, Ice T/NWA, Snoop, Boards of Canada, totally freaked out stuff, everything that makes sound and moves me. I will buy and play electro, house, minimal, whatever you wanna call it, I like everything. I also love the old Latino stuff, the folk of Latin America.”

Artist: VA
Title: Ramon Tapia - March 2011 Chart
Genre: Techno/Tech-House
Date: 26.03.2011
Quality: 320kbps
Source: WEB

  1. Coloursound – Fly With Me (Ramon Tapia Fly Lo Dub) (short version)
  2. Croon Inc – Blancmange (Original Mix)
  3. DJ Madskillz – Carnival Chaos (Ramon Tapia Remix)
  4. Gabriel Ananda-Open Up Original Mix
  5. Ramon Tapia – Pelican
  6. The Martinez Brothers – Issshhh (Main Mix)
  7. jose_de_divina_and_javi_murdok_-_gussi_(javier_gonzalez_and_evan_burke_remix)

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  1. Esa es la foto de CHUS no Ramon Tapia !!!!!!


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