RA.EX022 Eddie C / Mike Shannon

Canadian rave history, and a little bit of skiing with an unlikely duo.

Canada, as you might know, is a mighty big country, which is why we found it funny when e-mailing Eddie C to set up an interview around his new album for Endless Flight, Parts Unknown, to find out he'd be staying in Berlin on his recent tour with fellow Canadian Mike Shannon. Slo-mo disco Eddie C and a guy who just released a minimal-minded collaboration with Dewalta? Intrigued to find out their connection to one another, we decided to get them together.

In the process, we found out that the two shared time in the trenches of Kitchener, Ontario, with C holding down a radio show and Shannon throwing parties in the area. The two eventually lost touch as their music careers took them in different geographical directions: Nowadays, Shannon's Cynosure label is based in Berlin, while C makes his home in Banff, Canada partly so he can indulge his other passion—skiing.

Eddie C - High On Love - Karat 
Boo Williams - Jaz Mandrake - Ovum
Richie Hawtin - Call It What You Want - Plus 8
Chris Sheppard Friday Night Intro
Mike Shannon - Unexpected Vengence - Force Inc.
Jeff Milligan - Resolution - Force Inc.
Mike Shannon - Mercury Mile - Plus 8
Eddie C - Organized - Home Taping Is Killing Music
Deadbeat - Organ in the Attic Sings the Blues - ~scape
Cobblestone Jazz - Put the Lime in Da Coconut - Wagon Repair
Eddie C - Listenin' - Endless Flight
Mike Shannon - Under the Radar - Cynosure

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