Fergie - Live @ Club EXIT (Lithuania) - 19.03.2011

Something about Fergie:
Fergie (aka Robert Ferguson), a DJ of international standing for the past decade, has never had a stronger and more vibrant aural identity. Playing the kind of music he wants, determined not to be held back by perceptions and tags from the past, he continues to be a global representative for electronic music by consistently breaking down underground barriers and bringing new music to the people, without compromise.

There is no doubt that Fergie has firmly re-established himself as a producer of innovative exciting music that really takes a hold of you. Having dedicated himself to the studio and totally immersing himself in his passion for music, this has been a true labour of love for Fergie:

”I just wanted to go back and take time to rediscover what the music meant to me; how it made me feel, the buzz, the excitement. To find a sound that would reflect my individuality as a DJ and producer and in some way to recapture all of that in my productions” (Fergie).

Artist: Fergie 
Tittle: Live @ Club EXIT 
Country: Lithuania
Release date: 19.03.2011
Type: Live Set
Source Web
Genre: Techno


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