The Box Lounge's WEEK LONG DJ CALENDAR "Clap yo' hands & stomp yo' feet"

  1. Martes 08 DASCH "That deep feelin'" A journey into the deep
  2. Miércoles 09 Nino Martínez & José Ramos "Groovy TecHouse"
  3. Jueves 10 Ale Q Feat. Pako "Electro cherry chapstick" Smudge the lust
  4. Viernes 11 JR "el Gonzo" Clap yo' hands & stomp yo' feet!!!" House music baby
  5. Sábado 12 Leo Campos & DASCH "I didn't want to but the devil made me do it..." Funky TecHouse

Lugar: The Box Lounge Groove

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