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Here is another raw techno gem by Random Sequence aka Mikolaj Topolski, a techno music producer and DJ from Gdańsk, Poland. Tracks and DJ sets of Random Sequence consist of a large dose of techno, industrial and acid, always with a slight wink towards ambient music.

Random Sequence’s music can be found on labels such as Unknown Timeline, Vapourtrail, Gain Records, Devotion Records to name a few. Now, Random Sequence’s is presenting his debut on Korpus 9 with an outstanding rawish techno 5-track EP titled 'Nitrogen Capsule'. 

One by one all five tracks are composed into a complete masterpiece which consists of both action thriller and space adventure and combines into breathtaking science fiction genre. 

Beginning from daring Vocal Tool we can identify confident hard signature kick wich will follow us throughout most of the release ending with Off enriched with bassy percussion and singular mysterious string pad on the top. 

A bit of cosmic obscure drama awaits us in Y567 smoothly shifting to Departure wich moves deeply into hypnotic farewell ambience. 

Another perfectly assembled EP from Korpus 9 worth having as a main course. Korpus 9 will release 'Nitrogen Capsule EP' on September 25th, 2020 (Beatport Exclusive) and Oct 9th, 2020 in all platforms. Pre order: Beatport

Cover Artwork.

Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Random Sequence
Title: Nitrogen Capsule EP
Format: EP
Release Format: Digital
Release Dates:
Beatport exclusive: September 25th, 2020
All other platforms: Oct 9th, 2020
Cat. No.K9013
Distribution: Label Worx, Acapella Music LLC


01. Random Sequence - Vocal Tool (Original Mix)
02. Random Sequence - For Most (Original Mix)
03. Random Sequence - Off (Original Mix)
04. Random Sequence - Y567 (Original Mix)
05. Random Sequence - Departure (Original Mix)

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Submerge into a boundary-breaking hybrid of electronic dub infused with modern techno with Dadub's new album titled ‘Hypersynchron’. Of absolute dynamic accord. Harmonized polar motion of temporally phased rhythm. Multi-parallel integration of circuitry on the atomic level. All of these descriptives apply to the latest masterwork from Dadub.

This beautiful sci-fi soundscape transcends in 12 tracks displaying the furthest travels through quantum bass space, from collaborators Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma.

The Dadub sound is a boundary-breaking hybrid of electronic dub, with techno influences and a focus on universal sound - a sound impossible from which to exactly geolocate an origin. Founded in Berlin, the current line up consists of Dadub Mastering Studio kingpin Daniele Antezza, and fine art and performance maestro Marco Donnarumma. Combining their efforts and perspectives, the project delivers forceful, thoughtful bass music, of the highest artistic calibre. Italian by descent, scions of Berlin electronic music culture by choice, and pioneering world travellers by necessity, Dadub expands into 2020 with their latest LP on Ohm Resistance. Engaging new technologies, ancient instruments, and a flair for dramatic, challenging and entertaining live performances and collaborations, the music represents the most passionate approach to the bass-driven sound possible.

From the sinister to the breathtaking; in a world where an inverse red sun is damped by burgundy clouds over crimson alloy alleys, ‘Hypersynchron’ is not an easy digestible or disposable work. Its rhythms set a future standard perfectly balanced across the farthest known and unknown spectra of electronic music, with bass technology so alien and precise that it may indeed take centuries to reverse engineer. Grooves from a hidden galaxy on axis-tilt just out of reach from our world, longing to join with our human planet interpretation of time. Presented across 2 slabs of heavy wax, accompanied by a remake from the Dark Lord himself, SCORN. Audio ayahuasca for the dimensionally adventurous.

OHM Resistance will release 'Hypersynchron' in vinyl and digital formats on October 23, 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Dadub
Title: Hypersynchron
Label: OHM Resistance
Cat No.: OHM 56M
Format: 2 X 12” Vinyl / Digital
Release date: October 23, 2020


01. Infinite Regresses
02. On Fungus Drool
03. Link to Quantum
04. Of Simulacra
05. New Rationales For Subjugation
06. Airless Subjugation (SCORN Remake)
07. Tranced Out
08. Airless Vault
09. Alien To Wholeness
10. Focus From the Outrage Ep 1
11. Focus From the Outrage Ep 2
12. Ascetic Denial


All tracks Written and Produced by Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma
Mixed by Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma at Dadub Studio, Berlin
Mastered by Xergio Cordoba @ Eternal Midnight Studio, Madrid
Artwork by Simon D’Atillia
Layout by Machine™

The people of Balance Series has putted out this tremendous and very sophisticated 2 hour exclusive mix by Timo Maas, founder and owner of Rockets and Ponies label, someone who has been on a 30-year quest to deliver his musical wizardry to the world.


1. Timo Maas – Starter
2. Urban Village – Izivunguvun (Chloe Rmx)
3. Timo Maas & Erik Volta – Dos Vida Loco
4. X-HF-Brascon – Treesong (Robag Wruhme Asota Sedodo NB)
5. Michael Mayer – Agita
6. Guy Mayaan – Wooden Swing
7. Claudio Ricci – Catalonia
8. Timo Maas – Utopie (Joe Metzenmacher and Borka And The Gang Remix)
9. Robag Wruhme – Yes
10. Vincenzo – The Past the Future
11. Siopsis – Unconditional
12. Sky Civilian – Floating in a Dream (Sam Goku Rmx)
13. KCPK – Atom (Luciano Rmx)
14. Kookmode – Different (Marco Resmann Rmx)
15. Gel Abril – Prolex (Francesca Lombardo Rmx)
16. Sinisa Tamamovic – Rhymes
17. Arnaud Rebotini – All you need is Techno (Gesaffelstein Rmx)
18. Bawrut – What is Dance
19. Radio Slave – Wait a Minute
20. Green Velvet – Flash (Timo Maas Dirty Dub)

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Review: Starting from a very bold and authentic line following the sound coming from the early 90s, Adam X with his 'Acid Archives 92-94 LP' puts out nine tracks full of dark, industrial techno and acid music at its fines. Filled with sci fi sounds and rave loops all over the tracks backgrounds, this tracks sended me directly to a rave back in the 90s, you know, its early in the morning and the music is going faster and faster... youall know where this is going. Brilliant album!

Just released this month of september via L.I.E.S., Adam X's LP titled 'Acid Archives 92-94' must have your attention. You know Adam’s approach facilitated acid techno’s dominance in the early to mid nineties and he nearly single handedly put the Industrial and EBM Techno cross-over genres on the contemporary map. 

Well, be prepared for a heavy ass dessert, as many of the tracks released in this album had previously appeared on cutting edge labels such as Di- rect Drive, Drop Bass Network and Magnetic North, who were all spearheading the sound at the time, we also get two unreleased cuts from the vaults, plus a rare collab with Thomas Heckmann.

Back then the goal was simple- to push the limits of this fresh sound, and see how far they could actually go with their 303s; this music now filling warehouses and clubs worldwide. The eleven tracks on this record undoubtedly take rave-extremity to new heights whilst keeping the integrity (and brutality) of the music intact and the crowd in a frenzy.

Regardless authentic music, trends come and go as we have seen, unlike many, Brooklyn-born Adam X isn‘t one to follow trends, but rather set them. Now entering his 30th year of DJing and 25th year running his Sonic Groove label much of the world of dance music has come full circle since Adam started back in 1990. With that said there was no better time to explore his vast back catalog then the present as it‘s all the more relevant right now.

As many younger contemporary techno djs have taken to the faster, harder, stronger route as of late, this was par for the course back in 1992, where this compilation begins. What we have here is a collection of formative psychedelic acid tracks specifically made for the raves that were happening all over the world at the time.

Guaranteed to destroy the club as much now as they did in back 1992. Tracks remastered at Dadub Mastering.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Adam X
Title: Acid Archives 92-94
Label: L.I.E.S.
Format: EP
Release Formats: 2xLP
Release Date: September 3rd, 2020
Cat. No. LIES-152
Distribution: Bandcamp
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A1. X-Heart-Electropolis
A2. X-Heart-Peaking Toms
A3. Adam X-Faces of Death
B1. Adam X-Octane Propellant
B2. Adam X-Unreleased Acid from 1994
B3. Adam X-Chemical Spill
C1. Adam X-What‘s That
C2. Adam X-House of Horror
C3. Adam X vs. ADSX-Acid Over Wiesbaden
D1. X-Crash-Urban Bass
D2. Trope vs. X-Crash-Morgue

Cover photo credits: Artistimage Adam by Marie Staggat

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Not anyone has the energy, the intelligence and the unique vision to understand music and arts like Jeff Mills. For Jeff, the future is a powerful creative drive which explains the artist’s ceaseless activity.

As it becomes a usual thing, here we have another announce to make about the mighty series by Millsart "Every Dog Has Its Day". Volume 10 is ready to be released trough Axis Records this month. It's been a long path since volume 1, and the story it's getting better and better with every chapter. In the volume 10, expect to listen 9 tracks of pure mind and soul music. 

Read below some history about the 'Every Dog Has Its Day' project telled in words of one and only, Jeff Mills. 

“The Every Dog Has Its Day project started back in 2003. It was a way for me to address and create a special type of Electronic Music that I had initiated as far back as 1991 while in the Detroit band and collective Underground Resistance. Then and with my partner Mike Banks, we discovered various ways to create music, not just up-tempo linear dancefloor works, but also a lot more subtle, tranquil constructed arrangements that would work in much needed contrast at the time as it still does today. This was/is the type of Electronic Music that needs to be listened to and felt in the soul. Its purpose was not about control and submission, rather observation and consensus. And with this, honesty is an element in the process. Its music that speaks to who you are, not who you want to be. And if we’re honest, we might get somewhere.

The style of the music is based on the concept of mutuality. It looks for a closer relationship with the listener, where thoughts about reality are whispered into the mind but with no expectation of an answer or reply because one isn’t needed. Every Dog Has Its Day is about thoughts. It is music that doesn’t try to persuade or convince.

Right now, as we wait for the resume buzzer to sound so that we can all return back to our normal schedules and lives, perhaps and subconsciously, it gives some of us a much-needed time to reflect. To think about what is happening, who we are, what are we really doing and saying, what we want and where are we all collectively going. These questions can easily apply in our World of music as well. It’s been said that “there is a time and place for everything”. But it’s also important to note that “no time is the right time”. Yet, things just happen until they don’t”. - Jeff Mills

Axis Records will release 'Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10' on September 17th, 2020. Buy it: Axis Shop 

Previews soon...

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Millsart 
Title. Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10 
Release date. September 17th, 2020 
Label. Axis Records


1. The Deuce Theory
2. Burning Spear
3. Every New Beginning
4. Danger Man
5. Crash Goes The Spiral
6. Forever by Starlight
7. Damn That Slade Of Blue
8. The Electric Sermon
9. Axis Identification

You're about to hook up with sounds from another galaxy. This music is better known as Experimental, Sci-Fi cinematic and a sort of electro/techno that will please the most refined ears and minds. 

The subaquatic Techmarine Bottom Feeders return with a fully immersive 6-tracker EP titled 'ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)' on Detroit Grand PuBahs’ label, Engineroom.

Techmarine Bottom Feeders (Paris the Black FU from Detroit Grand PuBahs working alongside Luxus Varta) made their debut at the tail-end of 2019 on EPMmusic and have gone on to release a series of EPs, a concept album, ‘Boanerges and The Watery Deep’ and enlisted remixes by AUX88, Cristian Vogel, The Exaltics, The Advent & Zein, Ectomorph and Dadub.

The new EP comes to Engineroom – the label Paris runs with fellow PuBahs artist, Mr O – and comprises Electro workouts, deep experimentalism and Paris’ distinctive vocals across its 5 tracks and soundscaped outro.

Engineroom will release 'ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)' on 02 October 2020.

Tracks preview soon... 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Techmarine Bottom Feeders
Title: ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)
Label: Engineroom
Cat. No: ER11
Format: Digital Download / Streaming
Release date: 02 October 2020


1. s.o.s.a.d.
2. these ekerdest roys
3. com puteri nhumane
4. thal assa thede stroyer
5. com puteri nhumane (children of radiation mix)
6. unkn own = fe ar

Listen to EPM radio show for July 2020 co-hosted by Paris the Black FU (Detroit Grand Pubahs / Techmarine Bottom Feeders):

(Rawa Muñoz)

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The Covid19 isn't finished yet, there's still more help that can be done. There is no doubt music is a powerful instrument to both, help and heal. 

Learn more about this attractive initiative putted on track by Rawa Muñoz and Eric Maltz with the release of the single titled 'Latigi D Icaro' trough Belin's based label Flower Myth. The release date of this very deep and atmospheric track is on September 25, 2020 exclusively on Bandcamp. Read below the story behind this track and the desire of this artists to help and heal through the music. 

Rawa Muñoz is an artist and Onaya from the indigenous Shipibo community of San Francisco de Yarinacocha, just outside of Pucallpa, in the Amazon jungle of Peru.

(Eric Maltz)

Eric Maltz is a multi-instrumentalist with a degree in Studio Composition and sound designer for film and multi-media and has had his original music released on Possible Futures, Midnight Themes, Novel Sound, and Flower Myth (the label he runs). He has brought his live performance to Berlin Atonal, Tresor, and Cashmere Radio.

Recently, Rawa has begun a series of collaborations, facilitated by sound artist Nicolas Kisic Aguirre, to raise money for vital supplies and to create awareness about the dire situation he and his community are facing. They have been hard hit by Covid19, and the situation there is desperate, as it is in many of the towns and cities in Peru’s Amazon region.

Rawa's music is medicine music, it's purpose to heal and bring balance. 'Latigi D. Icaro' is a deep and atmospheric track, placing the focus on Rawa’s beautiful vocals, with a digital jungle swirling around him, coming in and out of focus. The track has been produced and Mixed by Eric Maltz.

All proceeds from sales will go directly to Rawa and his community, so please help spread the word. Buy Digital Track: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Rawa & Eric Maltz
Title: Latigi D Icaro
Label: Flower Myth
Format: Digital
Release date: Sept 25, 2020
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Rawa & Eric Maltz - Latigi D Icaro

Rawa Donate: 

Written by Rawa and Eric Maltz
Produced and Mixed by Eric Maltz
Mastered by Phil Moffa
Album Artwork by Jon Legere
Executive Producer: Nicolas Kisic Aguirre


Another episode of the renovated Living Techno Podcast has arrived. This is the fourth chapter, and we are very pleased to present Hector Roman, a Tech-House, Minimal & Techno DJ with more than 10 years of playing in the underground guatemalan scene. 

Enjoy this session of one hour recorded exclusively for Living Techno.

Living Techno Podcast · LT_04 - Hector Roman



Imagine a man figuring out what's going on with electronic music, its philosophy and the engagement that it must have on persons of all ages and eras. It's just brilliant how this musician, label owner and in all sense a truly artist, investigate all fields of music and arts to see how electronic can be a part of it, completely, gathering all the precise elements to handle a genre to do both, dance and listen. I'm talking about Jeff Mills, of course. 

Next month (October, 2020) Jeff will release trough Axis Records the new album of the American keyboardist/artist Byron Blaylock a.k.a. Byron The Aquarius. The album has been titled 'Ambrosia', and it's a beautiful 10-track LP filled with the most beautiful sounds that can be heard in a mixture between Soulful House and Jazz Music with a touch of Blues.

Byron has released a consistently high level of music on Wild Oats, Eglo Records & many more. He has toured the planet playing festivals such as Dimensions, Dekmantel, Suncebeat, Lente Kabinet, All Points East and many more as well as a plethora of the world’s best clubs. Despite the limitation brought on by the pandemic, 2020 has been a busy one for Byron. A release on Shall Not Fade as well as this very special collaborative project with arguably the biggest name in Techno Music, Jeff Mills.

'Ambrosia' is going out on vinyl & digital on October 16th. Read below the phantastic history of the elaboration of this fantastic album in the words of the one and only, Jeff Mills.

Previews soon...

Jeff Mills: "My calculation was simple. I figured that all the music lovers of past eras will grow older, move away from the physical response of dancing to music because the rest of their lives would need more attention, more time and management. However, the affection and love that once carried them throughout the long nights on the dancefloors would not only maintain, but that relationship might actually grow more intense as time marches on and the asset of fond memories of our pasts would cherish and valued even more. Considering this type of music lover, I looked to Electronic Music to examine if the genre had produced enough non-danceable material that might accommodate such a person. While researching, I soon noticed that the majority of works of Electronic Music are designed for dancing and dancefloors. Music for clubs, where there is a especially prepared atmosphere for dancing and moving audiences. Dance music speaks a special language and I love it for that, but I could see that this special language falls short around the other hours of the day because the average person listens to music more than they dance to it. From this understanding, I then searched to find Electronic Music that mainly designed for listening. The result of my find was minimal and practically to the point where anything that did not have a driving dance beat fell into a category entitled “ambient”

Unconvinced that this really does not serve for a better understanding of music, I thought of a plan to create a project that addresses this very subject head-on. One evening while searching for music, I kept running across selected of works of certain artists that had fusing classic jazz into their tracks. Either by sampling or by having live musicians play along with the tracks. The ideas were impressive, but the recordings could have been better if only the musicians were in a proper studio with access to the right production set-up. With this idea in mind, I continued to discreetly follow the work of a few artists for about 2 years before I became convinced that it would be time to approach one of them with this idea. Of these artists, the common thread was that they all knew the precision Electronic Dance Music, but also the freedom and looseness of Jazz.

My plan was to ask the artists if they would be interested in recording an album for my label Axis Records. We would create a budget and give the artist the time and ability to go into any studio they choose to record their music and select any musicians/players/soloists that they would like to record and work with. The objective would be to create something new and different.

In the winter of 2018, I contacted the American keyboardist/artist Byron Blaylock a.k.a. Byron The Aquarius. I was convinced that he had all the qualities that might be needed to create a groundbreaking album and after a few discussions we agreed on a game plan that would stretch over about 1 ½ years. Over a two - day period, we recorded the album in Atlanta, Georgia at the beginning of 2020 at Patchwerk Studios. As this current virus pandemic took hold of many societies and brought many people’s work and lives to a halt, we also were caught off guard, but found a way to salvage the production process to continue the mix-down sessions of Byron’s recordings. Using a web-based audio sharing app, we managed to mix-down the entire album from 3 different US cities. Chicago, where the studio and engineer Steve Kovacs is based, in Alabama where Byron resides and in Miami, Florida where I live. For the occasion, I had made a similar hi fi set-up that resembled what the studio was using in Chicago. In real-time, the three of us listened, edited and mixed the entire album until Byron’s satisfaction.

The album is a fantastic mix between Soulful House and Jazz Music with a touch of Blues. Might hope was that with each live musician Byron engaged with would result in something different and this was definitely the case. For instance with Veteran Drummer “Lil John” Roberts, the tracks of Byron became more loose, but because the technique of “Lil John” is so precise, the tracks have a steady foundation where just about anything would sound great upon. With Trumpeter Dashill Smith and Flutist Rasheeda Ali (both recorded at different sessions), the tracks graciously parted to accommodate these sounds, almost as if they were made especially for their solo parts. The bass player, Chocoalat, who is initially from Brasil gave the tracks a latin samba feel that was wonderfully unexpected.

As the producer, one of my goals was to feature the artist in the best possible way. Making sure all tracks bare his characteristic imprint, spirit and design”. The overall goal was to create something that bared the traits and signs that would catch the attention of a music lover. Someone that has danced themselves into a relationship with music that is unconditional and undeniable”.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Byron The Aquarius
Album Title: Ambrosia
Label: Axis Records
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: October 16th, 2020
Cat. No. AX091
Distribution: NEWS, Axis
Album Producer: Jeff Mills


1. Byron The Aquarius - New Beginning (Original Mix)(Also in the vinyl edition)
2. Byron The Aquarius - Edgewood Ave. (Also in the vinyl edition)
3. Byron The Aquarius - Spirit Of Juju (Original Mix)(Also in the vinyl edition)
4. Byron The Aquarius - Space & Time (Original Mix)(Also in the vinyl edition)
5. Byron The Aquarius - Timeless (Vocal Mix)(Also in the vinyl edition)
6. Byron The Aquarius - Timeless (Alternative Dub Mix)(Also in the vinyl edition)
7. Byron The Aquarius - Space & Time (Jam Session)(Also in the vinyl edition)
8. Byron The Aquarius - Spirit Of Juju (Instrumental)
9. Byron The Aquarius - New Beginning (Piano Mix)
10. Byron The Aquarius - Timeless (Instrumental)

Listen to a classic set of Byron The Aquarius at Dekmantel Festival 2017. 


This is a primacy of truly avant garde electronic sounds. Served up by Housemeister, an artist, dj and producer that grewed up on the streets of Berlin. As a full-analog studio crack he produced 50 vinyls & 7 albums on BNR, BPC, DU, Monkeytown, Accidental & his own AYCB.

Now, Housemeister present his second album in 2020, its a 7-track piece that has been titled '3NDL3SS SVMM3R', and will come out in Vinyl and digital. As a very nice initiative, everyone who orders this vinyl on his Bandcamp will automatically plant a tree with How nice is that? PRE ORDER (VINYL): BANDCAMP 

3NDL3SS SVMM3R’ finds the German producer steering away from the dark, muscular techno thrust that innervated his previous iterations to drop anchor into further euphoric rave & wave horizons. Trading the iron glove for more malleable textures and hair-raising buildups, this new seven-tracker reintroduces the old Housemeister back to his audience, as he returns to a more kindly melodic, feels-conducting approach not unlike that of his earlier records.

Tracks description. 

Mixing a fine meshwork of cottony synthlines, skittish drum patterns and the beautiful voice of no one else than Miss Kittin the opening hit ‘DAYDREAMERS’ will have you zoning out to limbos of gently-mannered breaksy spook right away. Revving up the engines to a galloping prog swing, deep-diving Bodzin-ian roller ’SUNDANCERS’ cranks up the pressure with optimal impact. As a loud 909 kick and passive-aggressive drums press on zealously, washed out synth arpeggios unfold in corollas of pearly bubbles, wrapping around the racing bass to kick euphoria levels up a notch. Way more choppy a ride, ‘ODYSSEY’ could well fit in a joyous 8-bit video game narrative with its Donkey Kong-esque percussions and mist-shrouded island-like atmosphere. Just dodge the boss’s barrels on the way up.

As its title suggests, ’Trip To Heaven’ grants you a one-way ride into celestial spheres. Flowing out of gushing cataracts of steroid-boosted arpeggios, Housemeister engineers a fiery mix of rattling percs and hi-octane drum shuffle, sure to turn any dancefloor upside down without further ado. Driven by an eerie melody, ‘3NDL3SS SVMM3R’ rapidly evolves into a gargling acid dasher, tailored to make maximum impact when things finally get rougher.

No Housemeister Release would be complete without a breaksy treat and ’FEEL LIKE’ is here to provide just that. Alternating sequences of spacious cosmic hedonism with knee-buckling moves and a pinch of French Touch-y robotics, the track puts on an evocatively lush note, which will undoubtedly please both time-travellers and cross-dimensional ravers altogether. Interlarded with a bleepy electroid groove and coarse, old-school drum programming, ’SEE YOU’ tops off the package on a Blade Runner-ish kosmische finale, that’ll have you whisper words from the C-Beams speech as you show off your deadly footwork on top of a crumbling dystopian building and reminisce assaulting ships off the shoulder of Orion quite naturally.

AYCB will release '3NDL3SS SVMM3R' on September 21st, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Housemeister
Label: AYCB
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: September 21st, 2020
Cat. No. AYCB055 (Digital), AYCB055 LP03 (Vinyl)
Distribution: Bandcamp, Dig Dis


01. Daydreamer feat. Miss Kittin
02. Sundancer
03. Odyssey
04. Trip To Heaven
06. Feel Like
07. See You!

Tracks premiered: