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Raul Alvarez releases a new EP titled 'It's Time For A Revolution' in vinyl through 2RB Records.

5:22 PM

Let's talk about Raul Alvarez, a sound engineer and producer with several releases on diverse international labels such Toolroom, ARTS, Elektrotribe or Symbolism to name a few. His music evolves from an old school background to an experimental and futuristic approach.

Now, he arrives to his own label 2RB Records to celebrate the 50th release with a very interesting new EP of 5 tracks (the original plus 4 powerful remixes) titled 'It‘s Time For A Revolution'. The original mix has a very nice and heavy atmosphere of dramatic sounds well played from a modular path.

The original speech was written by Raul in 2017 and recorded in a semi abandoned building in Berlin in 2018, percussion comes from a custom built Sonic Potions drum machine and the lead arpeggio from a modular DIY rack.

The original track is remixed by different madrilian Techno Punk generations, Magüu TDK is one of the most representatives drummers of the Punk scene worldwide, with a career of more than 30 years and several records it's probably the one that can hold that speech from its core, releasing his first remix ever focused into club music. Surrounded by Nöle; Barro Records owner and 2RB Records & Opera 2000 founder _asstnt, they defined a record with 4 different cuts. The digital release also includes a 90‘s Rave edit.

2RB Records will release 'It‘s Time For A Revolution EP' on Vinyl on July 21st, 2020, and digitally on July 28th, 2020. Pre order: Bandcamp

Cover Artwork.

Label: 2RB Records
Artist: Raul Alvarez
Remixers: Magüu TDK, _asstnt, Nöle
Title: It‘s Time For A Revolution
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: July 28th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: July 21st, 2020
Cat. No. 2BR050
Distribution: Symphonic Distribution


01. It‘s Time For A Revolution (Original Mix)
02. It‘s Time For A Revolution (Magüu TDK Remix)
03. It‘s Time For A Revolution (_asstnt Remix)
04. It‘s Time For A Revolution (Nöle Remix)
05. It‘s Time For A Revolution (Raul 90s Rave Edit)

Written & Produced by Raul Alvarez
Remixed by Magüu TDK, _asstnt & Nöle
Mastering by Analog Defense Network
Artwork by Suzzie Qiu

Cyan85 unveil his new electronic avant-garde album titled 'Lucid Intervals' on VOITAX.

4:35 PM

Hailing from the rough depths of Eastern Germany, meet Cyan85, an artist who brings a diverse sound to the thriving electro scene that drifts effortlessly from soulful and warm sun-drenched anthems, right through to in-the-red, robotic slammers.

A year has passed since Cyan85 first graced the VOITAX records catalogue with his successful summer debut EP - 'Bay Of Sampieri'. His dreamy pads, avant-garde take on retro arpeggios and slamming 808 beats have been continuously conquering our ears ever since, making him a
young talent to watch within the electro circuit. 

He now returns to the imprint with his very first album, titled 'Lucid Intervals', demonstrating his knack for crafting ambitious pieces to establish himself as a respected producer. 

The LP aims to explore a variety of dystopian atmospheres and energies throughout nine infectious and carefully crafted tracks that build on electro’s rich heritage without failing to infuse it with Cyan85’s very own remarkable, dreamy electronic signature.

Tracks description. 

'Low Frequency Phantasy' opens up shop with an ode to classic electro. A sturdy broken beat anthem, loaded with dreamy pads, a fierce hook and sleek vox. Sharp, saturated, straight four-to-the-floor rhythms and an aggressive arpeggio riff drives things into a more energetic direction which makes 'Elektro 0ffens1ve' a surefire dance floor weapon.

The aquatic journey continues to unfold with 'Contamination Ph0nk'. Funky arpeggios propel the track forward, while the haunting melodies guide the heavy low-end to mysterious corners of what electro has to offer.

'Data Lag' introduces some dub to the party. Conventional electro grooves, stomach curdling subs and a phased out top end. Electro minimalism at its finest.

The flip side reaches for a more emotional approach. 'Time Elapsed' serves up a nice journey with its beautifully crafted pads, soothing melodies and a powerful bass-line as it honours its given name and will stay forever in our head with its timeless elements.

In 'Early Defects' Cyan85 channels his inner Dopplereffekt. Hypnotism served with a side of dark, modulated pads and a sawing bassline that conjures some thrilling atmospheres.

'Strangelet Research Lab' is a down tempo effort which utilises melancholy pads, downbeat breaks and vocoder magic, to create a very introverted, paranoid journey.

'Aquasma' lightens up the energy before the journey comes closer to its end. Funky, walking basslines provide the foundations for an exploration into the unknown as the evolving melodies cement this track into timelessness.

'Hylia Echoes' closes this powerful album with a short and beautiful number. An essence of grime is brought to the table via the bass stabs only to be eased into infinity as the track closes its doors as mysteriously as it opens.

This album bring avant-garde electro music at its fines, you need to listen to this magnificent piece of production. 

VOITAX will release 'Lucid Intervals' on Vinyl 12” + Digital on July 27th, 2020. Pre-order: Bandcamp 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Cyan85
Title: Lucid Intervals
Catno: VOILP03
Release Date: July 27th, 2020
Format: Vinyl 12” + Digital
Genre: Electronic, Electro


A1. Cyan85 - Low Frequency Phantasy
A2. Cyan85 - Elektro 0ffens1ve
A3. Cyan85 - Contamination Ph0nk
A4. Cyan85 - Data Lag
B1. Cyan85 - Time Elapsed
B2. Cyan85 - Early Defects
B3. Cyan85 - Strangelet Research Lab
B4. Cyan85 - Aquasma
B5. Cyan85 - Hylia Echoes

Jokasti reveal new fabulous techno 10-track LP titled 'Silver Lining' on Prodigal Son.

3:43 PM

Let's meet Jokasti,  a fantastic producer from Kalamata, Greece. She started off as a vocalist and soon developed an interest in drum machines and synthesizers. Also she is one half of Jokasti & Nek with plenty vinyl releases on many respected techno labels such as MORD, Prodigal Son, KRLF, Green Fetish Records, Mindtrip, to name a few.

Now, she presents her new 'Silver Lining LP' on London label Prodigal Son. The release comes with 10 new original tracks that represent Jokasti's modern view of techno, with sounds you can't even imagine, sinister vocals, and of course, heavy rhythms with smooth hypnotic melodies. You have to listen to it. 

Jokasti says: "Many hours, days, months, years add up to this moment where I am happy to share this album. A collection of tracks that range from peak time dance floor numbers to more experimental sounds and everything in between, with a strong focus on vocals"

This LP is her first foray as a solo artist, and a debut that shows a grasp of hardware and her own vocal talents that make this record one to watch this year. The breadth of what is on offer in this LP shows the skills of an artist who can make true use of the Album format. From peak time killers to experimental mind benders there is a journey at the heart of this record.

The vocal lead Techno sound offers up some real moments, from heads down Berghain to more melodic riffs and expertly wrought synthwork that will drive a dance floor crazy, if you let it.

Prodigal Son will release 'Silver Lining' on July 27th 2020. 

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Jokasti 
Title. Silver Lining [LP]
Release Date. July 27th 2020
Label. Prodigal Son
Format. Digital


1 Jokasti - Skotadi
2 Jokasti - This is a subliminal message
3 Jokasti - Time to time
4 Jokasti - Terr Atcha
5 Jokasti - Secret satellites
6 Selofan - Vrachikikloma (Jokasti remix)
7 Jokasti - Silver lining
8 Jokasti - Acheron
9 Jokasti - Regrets
10 Jokasti - Shirley

Mix of the Day: Tony Rohr Djset @ SunJam - August, 2011.

9:18 PM

Today we really picked up a very special DJ set for the Mix of the Day section. It bringed us flashbacks of a insane and pure party pleasure. Listen about 1:30 of Tony Rohr's Dj set from the WONDERFUL party SunJam in August of 2011.The evening was shared with Joseph Capriati, Xpansul, Loud Neighbor, and an island filled with crazy party people off the coast of Honduras.

Listen below: 


Jesper Dahlback-"Nyhus Pt. 1"
Santiago & Bushido-"Rhythm For Me"
Plastikman-"Spastik (Dubfire Remix)"
Pascal Nuzzo-"Going Nuts"
Electric Deluxe-"Electric Deluxe"
Bryan Black-"Black Asteroid(Engine 1)"
Billy Johnston-"Outlaw"
Julian Jeweil-"Techno Corners"
Tony Rohr-"Eden Acid"
DJ Koze-"Sbooty"
The MD-Xpress-"God Made Me Phunky (Billy Johnston, Genarro Masterantonio Remix)
Otto Von John-"UNRELEASED"
Radioslave-"Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Remix)"
Boyd Schidt-"Beware Of A Boyd Schidt(Tony Rohr Remix)
Green Velvet-"Flash(Advent & Industrializer Remix)
Speedy J-"Pullover(Tony Rohr & Alexi Delano Remix)

1605 announce new instalment 'Desiderati 4.3' featuring Umek, Dok & Martin, Julien Earle and a collaboration between Uto Karem & Gaston Zani.

6:26 PM

Nothing better than follow a phantastic series of mixed artist releases when it comes to straight techno and a good label like UMEK’s 1605, that announced the third volume of its Desiderati series, and this new one features the label boss himself alongside Dok&Martin, Julien Earle and a collaboration between Uto Karem & Gaston Zani.

Read something about previous EPs 'Desiderati 4.1' & 'Desiderati 4.2'. 1605 will release 'Desiderati 4.3' digitally on July 24, 2020.

Tracks description.

Following a string of Beatport No.1 selling tracks, UMEK’s new track “Distinct Operator” follows his winning formula blending a thundering kick drum with breath-taking synth lines. Adding operatic vocals in the breakdown, this unique cut is perhaps the first-time opera and techno have been merged with such stunning and emotional results.

Not to be out outshone, Uto Karem & Gaston Zani also bring their 'A' game with "Mind Capture" having each individually featured on labels such as Intec, Set About, SCI+TEC and Tronic. The guys also have a collaboration forthcoming on Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave, and this dark and pulsating cut is in a similarly intense style.

Dok&Martin contribute to this EP fresh from the success of their track “Destroyer” which recently spent a long period inside Beatport’s Top 10 Techno Chart. Destroyer was released on Markantonio’s AnalyticTrail, but the guys have also featured on other imprints including Spartaque's Codex Recordings and and Spektre's Respekt Recordings. The new track “Isolation” is another explosive cut with twisted hypnotics and ominous atmosphere.

Julien Earle provides the last track, and is back on 1605 after previously featuring on the first Desiderati release. He has also contributed to Ramon Tapia's Say What? and Steve Mulder's Orange Recordings. His track “T4T9” has an uplifting energy shrouded in a shadowy aesthetic making it a perfect techno track for peak time plays.

Cover Artwork.

Label: 1605
Artist: Various
Title: Desiderati 4.3
Release Date: 24 July 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: 1605251


01. UMEK - Distinct Operator
02. Uto Karem & Gaston Zani - Mind Capture
03. Dok&Martin - Isolation
04. Julien Earle - T4T9

Selected Release: Abi Bah, Damien Eie - Neverending Feeling - Inc DJ Emerson remix (Micro.fon)

5:25 PM

Time to unveil new original techno music, for the occasion, we have picked this outstanding release that is next on DJ Emerson‘s micro.fon imprint. Its the new EP by Swedish OGs Abi Bah and Damien Eie, who return to the label with 2 furious & sinister techno tunes. 

The EP titled 'Nevernding feeling' brings out two original mixes, plus one of them remixed by DJ Emerson, who turned the track 'Neverending Feeling'  into a latin techno tune reminiscent of the summer of 2002. 

Label: Micro.fon
Artist: Abi bah, Damien Eie
Remixes: DJ Emerson
Title: Neverending Feeling
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: late July 2020
Cat. No. MF073
Distribution: Beatport, DigDis


01. Neverending Feeling
02. Neverending Feeling (DJ Emerson 'Summer of 2020' Remix)
03. Wknd Lvrs

Listen below, previews soon. 

Holldën releases new outstanding EP titled ''Moonscope' on DEAD CERT.

4:56 PM

If you're seeking for a good stash of dark and hypnotic powerful techno music, stay tuned on what's new on DEAD CERT. Records, a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette that has seen previous releases from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, and Petter B to name but a few.

Now, the turn is to Miguel Duarte aka Holldën, who makes his debut release for the label, with some authority, after having some previous successful releases on the likes of Affekt, Labrynth, Decoy, Coincidence and Out-er. 

His new EP, titled 'Moonscope' features 4 outstanding new tracks, that are going to be release by DEAD CERT. Records digitally on July 13, 2020.

Holldën Says: "This EP caps months of intense studio work, focusing on unique analog loops and concentrated techno structures, clearly opening a new phase in my songwriting".

Tracks description. 

First track is "Super Moon", a track in which Holldën wastes no time showing his production prowess from huge warping hooks as it spirals into the depths of abstract sounds wrapped up in ferocious funk.

The second entry is "Harvest Moon" with a spiky, analogue melody bursting in energy and feeling, sounding like a brewing thunderstorm ready to shock the dance floor.

Third up is "Blood Moon" a brooding, chugging juggernaut of suspense and functionality. Throw in a quirky break of haunting drones and it really captivates the mind.

Closing with "Blue Moon" and showing his diversity, this is a slice of more soulful techno focusing on emotion and dreamy chords and spacey atmospherics.

Cover Artwork.

Label: DEAD CERT. Records
Artist: Holldën
Title: Moonscope
Release Date: 13 July 2020
Format: Digital


01. Super Moon
02. Harvest Moon
03. Blood Moon
04. Blue Moon

Amelie Lens reveals new hard-hitting EP 'Higher' with FJAAK remix.

5:32 PM

Today's special is the announcement that Belgium techno powerhouse Amelie Lens returns with her third release titled 'Higher' on her celebrated imprint LENSKE. 

Hot on the heels of an explosive mix CD on fabric last November, her four-hour Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 in April (the longest one since 1997) as well as a hit lockdown livestream, she now delivers a hard-hitting 3-track EP featuring her usual propensity for dark sounds and haunting vocals. Due to the current circumstances, she has unfortunately had to put on hold a summer full of festival appearances at the likes of Timewarp, Awakenings, Primavera Sound, Junction 2, Kappa Future, Sonus, and an extended tour with her Exhale curated parties with her own stage at Tomorrowland and OFFSonar, to name a few. 

'Higher' showcases Lens’ sound and energy while we wait to dance together again.

On the A side we have the euphoric title track, in which melodic synth work and familiar vocal inflections echo into the far reaches of a cosmic dance floor. Next is ‘L’Obscurite’, which shocks with an hypnotic pulse, combining an appetite for the mystifying with sonic bleeps and booms. On the B side features an emotive sub-bass rework of ‘Higher’ by Berlin’s techno boyband FJAAK, swindling a multi-layered rave version. For the hungry ravers, this will be a fiery treat for the ears.

LENSKE Records will release 'Higher EP' digitally and on Vinyl on August 21st, 2020

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Amelie Lens
Title. Higher
Format: 12″ / Digital
Label: LENSKE Records
Cat. No: LENSKE013
Release Date: August 21st, 2020


A1 / 1. Higher
A2 / 2. L’Obscurite
B / 3. Higher (FJAAK Remix)

All tracks written & produced by Amelie Lens
B remixed by FJAAK
Mastered by Conor Dalton
Cat. No. LENSKE013 – All rights reserved
℗ & © LENSKE Records 2020

Selected Release: Korpus 9: Oxygen: Critical Level I (Tracks from: Kusp (UK), Tom Hades, Bleur & MB1 and Quisan)

4:57 PM

As a very usual thing, the unstoppable Korpus 9 team starts fresh new compilation series of pervading sci-fi techno! Oxygen: Critical Level I got that airy atmosphere and comes with four charges of pure material from honored scene regulators like Tom Hades and KUSP (UK) to promising label debutants as Bleur & MB1 and Quisan.

Still a lot to do this year but this one dropped right in time to fulfil those hot summer requests!

Korpus 9 will release 'Oxygen: Critical Level I' digitally on July 24th, 2020. 

Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Oxygen: Critical Level I
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: July 24th, 2020
Cat. No. K9DC04
Distribution: Labelworx


01. KUSP (UK) - M2S (Original Mix)
02. Tom Hades – A Constellation (Original Mix)
03. Bleur & MB1 – Cerenity (Original Mix)
04. Quisan – Epiphany (Original Mix)

Selected release: FAF2, Patrick Dre - Under Silent Water/Moonshine (Drec)

4:36 PM

You better listen to latest release from Patrick Dre‘s label 'Drec' featuring an original mix from FAF2, two stompy remixes from Georg Bigalke and Lucinee, and a fourth original delivered by Patrick Dre himself.
Release date: July 24th, 2020

Label: Drec
Artist: FAF2, Patrick Dre
Remixers: Georg Bigalke, Lucinee
Title: Under Silent Water
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: July 24th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: July 24th, 2020
Cat. No. DREC013
Distribution: Shite Music


01. FAF2 – Under Silent Water
02. FAF2 – Under Silent Water (Georg Bigalke Verbraucht Remix)
03. FAF2 – Under Silent Wanter (Lucinee Remix)
04. Patrick Dre – Moonshine

ascendant vierge release their first official EP titled 'Influenceur' on the Berlin-based label Live From Earth Klub.

4:08 PM

Let's meet ascendant vierge, a new transnational and trans-musical Brussels-based duo formed by lyrical goth-pop singer-songwriter-performer Mathilde Fernandez and DJ and producer Paul Seul, also known to be the co-founder of the collective Casual Gabberz

Now, the duo will release their first official EP titled 'Influenceur' on the Berlin-based label Live From Earth Klub. It will be available in both digital and vinyl format on July 10th.

A-side contains their underground club hit “Influenceur” a track that’s been heard from Bassiani to Possession played by the likes of Anetha, Clara Cuvé, and AZF, as well as the hypnotic emo-hardstyle “Faire Et Refaire” previously released with a video in March.

On the B-sideInfluenceur” gets the trance treatment by in-house producers Krampf and Bauernfeind who have created a classic and timeless trance remix.

This collector issue summarizes up the first year of the duo’s existence and announces the release of their debut EP titled “Vierge” that is scheduled for a September release through Live From Earth Klub. Pre order: Bandcamp 

Watch "ascendant vierge - Faire Et Refaire"  official video below:

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. ascendant vierge
Title. Influenceur
Cat#. LFEK009 
Label. Live From Earth Klub
Format. Digital / Vinyl EP 
Release date. July 10th, 2020


1 / A1. Influenceur
2 / A2. Faire Et Refaire
3 / B1. Influenceur (Bauernfeind & Krampf’s LFEK Remix)

A1 and A2 : Written & produced by ascendant vierge (Mathilde Fernandez & Paul Seul)
B1: Produced by Krampf & Bauernfeind
LFEK009 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Live From Earth Klub 2020
All rights reserved. The musical contents may not be published, broadcast, or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission.

New Track: Tiga & Hudson Mohawke - Love Minus Zero

4:20 PM

Tiga and Hudson Mohawke have unveiled a new collaborative project, together they presented their new track, titled 'Love Minus Zero', debuted this evening (July 6, 2020) on BBC Radio 1. 

Tiga says: "I like the idea of bizarre-semi random things getting thrown together," he adds. "That's already part of how me and HudMo work. I bring things and he brings things, and those things normally not might mix. There's an odd-couple aspect about us, but that's the best part of it."

Listen to "Love Minus Zero." below. 


Cri Du Coeur is back with a new 2-part vinyl release ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’ having a solely French lineup for the remixes.

3:52 PM

Time to engage with modern techno at its finest. Belgian techno wizard Cri Du Coeur is back with a new 2-part vinyl release on his label Arkham Audio titled ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’, to be released simultaneously in digital format and vinyl on the 24th July, 2020. 

In his new release, Cri Du Coeur is showing his francophile roots by having a solely French lineup for the remixes, definitely a selection to enjoy featuring Electric Rescue, [wex 10], Trunkline, Roman Poncet, Umwelt & Zadig

Following the recent release of his EPs ‘Diaphragm’ and ‘Warning’, and now bringing us the inebriating ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’, Cri Du Coeur has established that his new alias and freshly-founded but tenacious Arkham Audio label are a force to be reckoned with.

The entrancing yet adrenalizing sound that he has adopted shows that his approach to industrial electronic music knows no boundaries or compromises.

Tracks description. 

The first part of this release features the original mix of ‘Erickson’ by Cri Du Coeur and remixes of the track by Electric Rescue, [ Wex 10 ], and Trunkline. The second part ‘Erickson on Acid’ puts a squelching acid twist on things and features remixes by Roman Poncet, Umwelt, and Zadig.

The original mix of ‘Erickson’ leads with a strong beat and a mixture of industrial sounds that makes for a sublime dark dancefloor track. Electric Rescue follows on with a remix that engages the listener with a terrorising yet intoxicating heavy base- line. Next up is [ Wex 10 ] who enchants us with a bouncy laserbeam rhythm and muffled looping vocals.

Last but not least on the ‘Erickson’ lineup is Trunkline’s remix which delivers an addictive hazy melody and a deep and dirty mechanical synth horn.

Cri Du Coeur plays with tensions in ‘Erickson (on Acid)’, putting the listener into a state of hypnosis with squelching sounds that give the song a raunchy character. We are implored to dance as Roman Poncet’s remix bears layers of lively percussion beats with twangy synth melodies. The mood intensifies once more as Umwelt’s remix features a dark and fuzzy baseline that contrasts with a screeching siren sound creating an ultimate thrilling experience for the listener. Zadig closes off this immense concoction of remixes with a relentless distorted base and scintillating machinelike background noises.

Cri Du Coeur has outdone himself by bringing together such a well-suited selection of artists to create a visceral and magnetizing collection of tracks that showcases his competence in making industrial techno.

Arkham Audio will release both 'Erickson' & 'Erickson on Acid' simultaneously in digital formats and on vinyl on the 24th July, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Cri Du Coeur
Remixers: [wex10], Trunkline, Electric Rescue
 Zadig, Roman Poncet, Umwelt
Title: Erickson / Erickson On Acid
Format: 2xEP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: July 24th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: July 24th, 2020
Cat. No. ARKIO03a, ARKIO03b
Distribution: EPM, Word and Sound


01. Erickson (Original Mix)
02. Erickson (Electric Rescue Remix)
03. Erickson ([wex10] Remix)
04. Erickson (Trunkline Remix)

01. Erickson On Acid (Original Mix)
02. Erickson On Acid (Roman Poncet Remix)
03. Erickson On Acid (Umwelt Remix)
04. Erickson On Acid (Zadig Remix)

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