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Review: With 'Worldwide Ravers', Theo Nasa delivers five originals featuring thrilling Jungle, Rave, and Hardcore sounds, alongside with classic drum kits and emotive chords. The tracks sound really well and the music is so damn interesting that makes me want to dig deeper into Theo Nasa's discography. Superb EP. 

Theo Nasa makes his debut on Rekids this December with a 5-track thrilling EP titled ‘Worldwide Ravers EP’

The Alien Sound Trax boss has previously appeared on the likes of World Unknown, Suara, and UNCAGE, and now makes his mark on Radio Slave’s imprint with the hard-hitting and distinct ‘Worldwide Ravers EP’. 

Deeply infused with the unmistakable sound of the UK, Nasa draws from his broad range of influences for his EP, distilling elements of Jungle, Rave, and Hardcore into his own brand of meticulously crafted, difficult-to-pigeonhole techno. 

Opener ‘Dubska’, clocking in at over ten minutes long, is a relentless and fast-paced affair, bubbling along at breakneck speed with the help of classic vocal samples, while ‘World Dance (Rinse Out Mix)’ fuses breakbeats and droning bass to create a high energy track that twists and turns at 140bpm. 

Field recordings of birds in ‘Summertime Raving In London’ sit alongside classic drum kits and emotive chords while living up to its titular character. ‘Ninja Tune’ and ‘Gabrielle Gabacid’, only available digitally, see Nasa going for the jugular, applying smatterings of classic acid bass and ruthless drums across both tracks to see out the release in fine style. 

Rekids will release ‘Worldwide Ravers EP’ on December 4th, 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Theo Nasa
Title: Worldwide Ravers EP
Label: Rekids
Release date: 4th December 2020
Cat No: REKIDS169
Format: Digital / Vinyl


01 Dubska
02 World Dance (Rinse Out Mix)
03 Summertime Raving In London
04 Ninja Tune (Digital Only)
05 Gabrielle Gabacid (Digital Only)

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Review. For this installment, the Northern Electronics label presented a very emotional EP full of emerging hard core, electronic and avant-garde sounds. The collaborative meeting between Varg2 ™ and Exploited Body ended up showcasing an outstanding innovative sound that definitely is reaching another level of rhythm perfection. 'Etsin Turvaa' is definitely not a release to miss. Outstanding work.

It seems like a proper time to generate some communication to announce a fabulous upcoming release. We are talking about the next record on Anthony Linell & Jonas Röhnberg’s Northern Electronics label. 

The 78th installation invites a brand new collaboration between Varg2™ and Finnish producer, DJ, and mastering engineer, Exploited Body, for a killer trance induced EP parallel with the labels forward thinking aesthetic. The new EP has been titled 'Etsin Turvaa', and sees 5 new very emotive tracks. Read the full story below.

A collaborative meeting between Varg2™ and Exploited Body has produced a scalding mess of sweat and suspicion across five headstrong tracks, gesturing towards a new and recombinant vector that’s lurking out there during hiatus.

Recorded together in Helsinki, ‘Etsin Turvaa (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again)’ yokes the morbid mechanics of Varg2™’s stroboscopic dread to the pyretic catharsis of Exploited Body’s ascendant, club-sourced flares.

The closing track, ‘Haunt Me Like the Snakes That Killed You,’ offers the smallest respite following the bedlam of ‘Fuck You Forever (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again).’ The opening pair, ‘Karhü’ and ‘Etsin Turvaa (I Promise this Will Be the Last Time),’ spiral out of control from the elegant core that each track’s rougher elements are pinned to.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Varg2™ & Exploited Body
Title. Etsin Turvaa 
Label. Northern Electronics 
Cat#. NE78
Format. Vinyl 12″ / Digital 
Release date. December 4th, 2020


A1 / 1. Karhü
A2 / 2. Etsin Turvaa (I Promise this Will Be the Last Time)
B1 / 3. Bass2™ (Cease & Desist)
B2 / 4. Fuck You Forever (Parting is Certain & Loss Will Come Again)
B3 / 5. Haunt Me Like the Snakes that Killed You (ft. Vallmo)


Northern Electronics 78
Produced by Varg2™ & Exploited Body.
Recorded in Helsinki, Finland in November 2019.
Vocals on ‘Haunt Me Like The Snakes that Killed You’ by Vallmo.
Artwork by Cali Thornhill Dewitt
Mixed by Noah Kin.
Mastered by Neel at EnissLab, Rome

NE78 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Northern Electronics 2020

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Since his debut in 1992, Gaetano Parisio aka Gaetek has been one of the most consistent DJs & producers in the realm of techno, contributing to the development of the late 90s hard groove scene. He has released on labels like Drumcode, Planet Rhythm Records, Primate Recordings, Mosaic just to mention a few & his music has been supported by icons such as Dave Clarke, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin & Jeff Mills. In 1997 Gaetano launched his Conform imprint that became a beacon for the international techno scene & released music by Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, The Advent among others.

After the great success of the first two releases of the RE-TOUCHED SERIES Vol.I and Vol.II with the contribution of some of the most respected artists in the realm of techno... now, Gaetano Parisio is relaunching Conform Records with the next two releases 'RE-TOUCHED SERIES Vol.III and Vol. IV' featuring Honey Dijon, Deetron, Steve Bicknell, Oscar Mulero, Ken Ishii, Alexander Kowalski, Radio Slave, Mark Broom, Adriana Lopez and Shlomi Aber.

RE-TOUCHED SERIES Vol.III opens with Swiss legend Deetron who through his class, hits the mark with his edit on Gaetek’s ‘Vesuvius’, a slamming track with driving drums and warm synths that bring it to the present day with a real sense of style. Steve Bicknell’s edit on Gaetano’s ‘Ritmatica’ is as usual directly on the point. Steve stays true to the original sense of the track by masterfully adding his “Lost” touch through reverbs and percussion. Ken Ishii, a true Japanese techno titan, brings color and life to Gaetek’s ‘Advanced Series Vol. II’ and the result is amazing! The track is a dance floor killer and its vintage charm is the key!

The Spanish Maestro, Oscar Mulero, brings his dark and hypnotic style to the original Gaetek track, his edit on ‘Ømre’ totally distorts the original using percussion and filters, giving that hypnotic flow for which the Madrid artist has been known and respected for throughout the underground techno scene. To close this majestic EP Alexander Kowalski, the backbone of the German techno scene, through his incredible talent creates a true masterpiece. His edit of Gaetano Parisio’s ‘Quake’ is undoubtedly something special. The syncopated rhythm and the addition of synths, create a third millennium atmosphere and his talent is captured in these 6.25 mins! Lovers of true techno will not be disappointed. This is for sure!

RE-TOUCHED SERIES Vol.IV follows up with Radio Slave and his re-interpretation of Gaetano Parisio’s ‘Inside’, a track that is a continuous crescendo, but always well anchored to its original groove. The great British producer, Mark Broom once again leaves no doubt about his ability to create dace-floor killers and it seems that his edit was created to challenge the sound systems around the world. It’s every DJ’s dream to play a track of such impact during a party. His version remains faithful to the original, but it has that broomish which makes it super catchy.

Honey Dijon, an absolute star in the techno world, makes her debut on Conform with her ‘Re Rub’ interpretation of a classic like ‘Dual EP’ by C&G Southsystem, the project created by Gaetano Parisio and Marco Carola. Honey puts all her Chicago background into this version and by adding vocals she perfectly manages to make two different schools coexist, the Neapolitan one and the Chicago one. The result is simply sublime. It’s a debut also for Adriana Lopez, an absolutely respected artist in the techno scene for her extremely quality music. Her interpretation leaves no room for doubt and her remix is dark and hypnotic at the same time. Adriana gave her best and the delivery it’s just outstanding.

The grand finale takes place with the digital bonus track by Ben Sims, ’Carnival Part 1’ re-edited by Shlomi Aber and this is definitely the icing on the cake! If you are a DJ you’ll immediately desire to play this track as soon as possible. His edit it’s just perfect leaving intact the original vibe of the British legend’s track. Its tribal groove echoes the early 2000s sound. For those who love the genre this is unmissable!

Conform Records will release Re-touched Series Vol.III on November 27th (Vinyl), and Re-touched Series Vol.IV on January 15th, 2020 (Vinyl). 

Artist. VA
Title. Gaetano Parisio – Conform Re-touched Series Vol.III // Vol. IV
Reworks by Honey Dijon, Radio Slave, Deetron, Steve Bicknell, Oscar Mulero, Mark Broom, Adriana Lopez, Ken Ishii, Alexander Kowalski, and Shlomi Aber.
Label. Conform Records
Format. Digital / Vinyl 
Cat #. CNFR027 / CNFR028 
Release date (vinyl): November 27th / January 15th 

Vinyl release date – November 27th, 2020 
Digital release date – December 11th, 2020


A1 / 1. Gaetek - Vesuvius E.P B2 (Deetron Remix)
A2 / 2. Gaetano Parisio - Ritmatica - Steve Bicknell Retouched
B1 / 3. Gaetek - The Advanced Series Vol. II B1 - Ken Ishii Re-Edit
B2 / 4. Gaetek - Vesuvius E.P B2 - Oscar Mulero Ømre Edit
5. Gaetano Parisio - Quake - Alexander Kowalski Remix Digital Bonus

Vinyl release date – January 15th, 2020
Digital release date – January 29th, 2020


A1 / 1. Gaetano Parisio - Inside (Radio Slave Remix)
A2 / 2. Gaetek - Advanced Series Vol.II B1 - Mark Broom Edit
B1 / 3. C&G Southsystem - Duell B1 - Honey Dijon Re Rub
B2 / 4. C&G Southsystem - Duell B1 (Adriana Lopez Remix)
5. Ben Sims - Carnival Part One (Shlomi Aber Remix) Digital Bonus



Track A1, A2 W&P by Gaetano Parisio
Track B1, B2 written by Marco Carola & Gaetano Parisio, produces by Gaetano Parisio.
Digital Bonus track written by Ben Sims, produces by Gaetano Parisio.
Additional production by Radio Slave, Honey Dijon, Mark Broom, Adriana Lopez, Shlomi Aber.
Published by Sentric Music
Distributing by Triple Vision


Written by Gaetano Parisio, C&G Southsystem and Ben Sims,
Produced by Gaetano Parisio
Remixes by Radio Slave, Honey Dijon, Mark Broom, Adriana Lopez and Shlomi Aber.

Cat. No. CNFR027 – All rights reserved.
℗ & ©  Conform Records 2020

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Review. With 'Basement Jams', James Ruskin and Mark Broom put out four new tracks of techno at its finest. This is the proper way to end the year, with heavyweight basslines, sharp stabs, tough grooves and a high level of funk industrial sounds. Amazing release. 

Blueprint returns with its final release for 2020, which sees label head, James Ruskin once again join forces with long-term collaborator, Mark Broom

The final release is a thrilling EP that has been titled ‘Basement Jams’ and is programmed to be released in Vinyl and Digital formats on November 27, 2020. 

It’s been almost 2 years since the last Ruskin and Broom EP (‘Domwen’ - BP053), and in that time these two UK icons have continued to dominate with astounding solo work as well as their more experimental project, The Fear Ratio, releasing their third stunning album back in March for Skam.

Returning to their Techno bunker, Ruskin and Broom now deliver four new tracks of ‘Basement Jams’ to close the year. Expect heavyweight basslines, sharp stabs, tough grooves and a high level of funk to the metallic sonics that sets them apart from other releases.

Cover Artwork.

Artists: Ruskin and Broom
Title: Basement Jams
Label: Blueprint
Cat. No: BP057
Format: Vinyl / Digital Download / Streaming
Release date: November 27, 2020


A1. PR1
B2. SN7

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Good news for the PAN imprint fans. The debut LP from the British-Chilean artists Kamixlo has finally arrived. The album has been titled 'Cicatriz' and features 11 experimental tracks filled with emo, electrohardcore and latin modern sounds. The album was released the past October 30, 2020 in Vinyl and Digital formats. Read the full story below. 

Kamixlo has experienced a lot of loss in the last two-and-a-half years. His long-awaited debut LP, Cicatriz, is named after the Spanish word for “scar”, taking its intense and energetic tone from the tough times in the Brixton-based producer’s life. An extremely personal album that follows 11 songs with titles like “Sick”, “Poison” and “Destruction”, it pitches soft and hard sonics against each other to create an urgent and exciting tension as the track listing hurtles through its own emotional rollercoaster. It runs from the lurching drone and monstrously distorted vocal samples of opener “The Coldest Hello (Live From The Russian Spiral)” to the bright and melodic kos-miche-reggaeton closer of “Azucar” (‘sugar’), produced with Swedish cloud rap producer Woesum.

Only just past his mid-20s, Kamixlo has been making a name for himself with his dembow and bass-influenced dance deconstructions, releasing three EPs since 2015, as well as running the recently defunct Bala Club party and label, named after Japanese pro wrestling group Bullet Club. 

The night was an inclusive operation that established its own unique style of cross-genre post club music for the margins, while allowing Kamixlo the space to develop his sound—one that was imbued with its own pop immediacy, as well as smatterings of emo, electro and hardcore.

British-Chilean Kamixlo’s Cicatriz is rife with surprising references. These include the thumping industrial of “The Burning Hammer Bop”—taking its title from one of the most dangerous professional wrestling moves ever invented—and the growling sub bass of “DKD Lethal”—named after DJ Lethal of famous nu metal band Limp Bizkit. Meanwhile, long-time collaborator, producer and Endless party founder Felix Lee appears on the scrambled rhythm and cut-up sampling of “Demonic Y”. As the saying goes, there’s no pleasure without pain, no resurrection without destruction, and Cicatriz is all these things at once.

The album is mastered by Beau Thomas, featuring artwork by Daniel Swan. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Kamixlo
Title. Cicatriz
Cat #. PAN 114 
Format. LP / DL
Release date. October 30th, 2020


1. The Coldest Hello (Live From The Russian Spiral)
2. Sick
3. The Burning Hammer Bop
4. DKD Lethal
5. Cicatriz
6. Cicatriz X
7. Poison
8. Demonic Y (feat. Felix Lee)
9. Destruction
10. Untitled
11. Azucar (feat. Woesum)


All tracks written & produced by Kamixlo 
The album is mastered by Beau Thomas, featuring artwork by Daniel Swan.
PAN 114 – All rights reserved
℗ & © PAN 2020

Photography by Nile HQ and Elliot Denman
Art Direction by Nile HQ
Stage design Nile HQ and Marina Moro
Post production design by Marina Moro (on pictures 006, 007 and 008)
IG: @kemitstry, @elliotdenman @lil.mew  

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The mighty UMEK is releasing 'Techno Foundations', his new sample pack in association with Loopmasters. This is their second collaboration, where you will find Umek’s finest audio tools within, 100% royalty free as usual from Loopmasters. 

UMEK is an artist who has helped define electronic music with nearly two decades of techno releases on some of the world’s most respected record labels, and this sample pack shares some of his master crafted sounds including percussion one hits, basslines, synth notes, rhythm ideas and other useful sounds. Each are grouped into packages of samples that are designed to fit together as track foundations.

There are few artists whose evolving sound has transcended through different generations of music culture, but UMEK’s forward thinking attitude has seen him lead the pack and push for innovation rather than remain stagnant.

Classic cross over tracks such as his iconic “Gatex” came out on record labels such as Tïesto’s Magik Muzik, and recent releases such as “Vibrancy” on his own imprint 1605, spent many weeks as a No.1 seller on Beatport plus other leading download stores.

He also featured EP’s on the highly influential NovaMute, which is sister label to the iconic Nova Records that signed artists such as Depeche Mode. NovaMute featured UMEK as part of an elite back catalogue that also includes others ranging from Richie Hawtin to Charlotte de Witte, and further solidifies his pedigree as one of the world’s best producers of electronic music.

Even now, cutting edge techno DJ’s such as Blawan play UMEK’s classics tracks in their sets, while the likes of Adam Beyer and Carl Cox regularly support his new releases.

One thing that has kept UMEK at the top of his game is his impeccable quality of sound, with thick sonic textures and chunky production that find the perfect balance between a crystal clear clarity, and granular rawness.

This sample pack shares some of the core sounds that UMEK has constructed to use as foundations for his own tracks so others can share in his years of music producing experience to help progress their own music.

For beginners it’s a great tool to help get you off the ground with tried and tested sounds than are ready to go, and for experienced professionals it’s another weapon to have in your arsenal of places to look for inspiration.

For anyone looking to cook up some techno, this sample pack has all the ingredients to start building tracks either using the sounds raw, or manipulating them into your own unique flavour. Find below the full details.

Expect to find 1.18 GB of content with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 138 Drum Construction Kit Lps, 75 Synth Loops, 50 Percussion Loops, 42 Bass Loops, 7 Vocal Loops and 3 Fx Loops. One-shots are 93 Drum Hits and 25 Percussion Hits. Also included are 12 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, EXS24/Sampler, NNXT and SFZ. 

Artist. Umek
Title. Techno Foundations
Release date: Friday 6 November 2020
Size: 1.18 GB
Source: Loopmasters

Download: Loopmasters 

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Review: With 'Glare' EP, Droughtwerk puts out 4 new original cuts incorporating a range of genres from dub and industrial techno to fast melodic and percussive grooves. Each track dives the listener into a concoction of hard-hitting techno and hypnotic rawish dance-induced rhythms. This EP is amazing!

Track premiere (Droughtwerk - Vivid) :

Droughtwerk surprises with another outstanding EP that has been titled 'Glare'. Its a 4-track release filled only with proper techno sounds. Music that injects a new lease of life into the ears of the listener, inspiring a sense of hope as Droughtwerk brings us on a journey from misery to elation with this record that sprung him out of the pandemic darkness.

Berlin-based Droughtwerk has developed a timeless approach to music, focusing on fully analog productions and incorporating a range of genres from dub techno to deep melodic and powerful percussive grooves.

The third release of the Droughtwerk DWK series opens with a rough, fast, harmonious sound that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Following on from the successful release of his hard-hitting industrial EP ‘Exit Burdock’, this record leads you on a smokestack odyssey into neverending raw techno realms and reflects the development of the artists’ mindset during the global pandemic as the darkness was slowly irradiated and light seeped in. The album cover photo is of a brick manufacturer ruin which symbolises the records’ message, depicting light exuding through the windows.

‘Sombre’ opens the EP on a mournful note, representative of the frantic fear and sorrow that loomed at this stage of global chaos. A despondent hazy baseline expands into a flurry of off-beat celestial echoes and we are guided into a new timbre with pummeling base drums. 

‘Disintegrate’ mimics the sense of impending doom that ensued as structures began to dissolve, clubs were closed, and no help was on the horizon. The track introduces a more unyielding tone, as nerves are piqued and the heavy percussions take centrefold with lively stripped-back melodies hovering above. Layers of celebratory drums frolic with one another in ‘Vivid’ as the artist finds joy in the creation of music and raunchy melodies fight for attention in a dancefloor faceoff creating the perfect sharpshooting hit. 

‘Glare’ rounds the EP off with gut-wrenching techno soundscapes to throw you into the depths of dance-induced euphoria, representing the dazzling light at the end of the tunnel that the artist perceived upon the creation of this track.

‘Glare EP’ injects a new lease of life into the ears of the listener, inspiring a sense of hope as Droughtwerk brings us on a journey from misery to elation with this record that sprung him out of the pandemic darkness. Drawing together a concoction of hard-hitting techno elements and expansive mechanical sounds, he has successfully created a tension-building record that reminds you of the soul-cleansing powers of music.

Droughtwerk will release ’Glare EP’ with vinyl distribution being done by Triple Vision Records on November 16th, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Label: Droughtwerk
Artist: Droughtwerk
Title: Glare EP
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date: November 16th, 2020
Cat. No. DWK003
Distribution: Triple Vision, Decks


01. Glare
02. Disintegrate
03. Vivid
04. Somber

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Review: With 'Enclosed 04', Ethical Governor releases four new serious techno original tracks. This EP represents the industrial and heavy-duty percussion sound at its finest. Each track introduces unique elements, with a common theme of sinister mayhem piercing your soul throughout the record. Perfect release!

Following the hit release of his last digital album ‘Unmanned Autonomous Force’, producer and label head Ethical Governor is continuing his series with another pummeling techno record titled ‘Enclosed 04’ on his newly-established but tenacious Enclosed Order imprint.

Tony McMurray, the man behind the Ethical Governor guise, has made a name for himself delivering hard-hitting and gusty techno, creating the perfect dark dancefloor soundtracks and packing in as much ripping techno releases as humanly possible since his debut album release ‚Unmanned Autonomous Force’ on his label established earlier this year.

Enclosed 04’ bears the kind of passionate, relentless techno tracks that you long to feel viscerally pounding your skull in your favourite club. Each track introduces unique elements, with a common theme of sinister mayhem piercing your soul throughout the record.

Grim Milestone’ starts us off with a kicking baseline and laser beam rays echoing through your surroundings. ‘Masonry bit’ brings the thrilling addition of snarling animalistic and sci-fi noises over a hazy baseline. Chills run deep as ‘Schlerotium’ enters the scene with distorted melodies and suspenseful immortal sounds shimmering in the background. ‘Sinister Energy’ rounds us off with an infectious serpentine baseline that leads you into the darkness with a final blow of heavy-duty percussion overload.

Ethical Governor has managed to create yet another idyllic concoction of intense, raw, and industrial sounds to forcibly raise your heart rate, bringing together mechanical and synth elements in a distorted yet perfectly detailed fashion.

Enclosed Order will release the 4-track bundle in Vinyl & Digital formats on November 16th, 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Ethical Governor
Title: Enclosed 04
Label: Enclosed Order
Format: EP
Release Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: November 16th, 2020
Distribution: Envelope Structure (Vinyl), Triple Vision (Digital)


01. Grim Milestone
02. Masonry Bit
03. Schlerotium
04. Sinister Energy

Previews soon... 

Meanwhile listen to Ethical Governor - Ethical Mix 03:

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Review. With 'Berlin Atonal: More Light' & '25082016235210179 Live at Berlin Atonal', Berlin Atonal has made phenomenal work. This compilation puts out a major selection of new works by a range of artists from across the advanced musical landscape. This is a collection that has everything, the effort on the entire production of this release is deeply noticeable. Outstanding

In a year which made impossible the now highly anticipated annual unveiling of new projects and collaborations that usually accompanies Berlin Atonal, the festival has put together an artist-led collection featuring new music, art prints and garments. 

The centre-point of the campaign is a major selection of new works by a range of artists from across the advanced musical landscape. 

Entitled 'MORE LIGHT' the compilation traverses the vast spectrum of musical energy which the festival radiates, from 19 different projects, representing 14 nationalities and over 30 years of musical experience. 

The collection includes art by Caterina Barbieri, dBridge, Hiro Kone + group A, Lafawndah, Laurel Halo, Lee Gamble, Nkisi, Abdullah Miniawy & Carl Gari, Aho Ssan, Pablo’s Eye, Vladislav Delay, Gerald Donald (Drexciya/Dopplereffekt - under his XOR Gate alias), Roly Porter & Paul Jebanasam that debut a new collaboration Altar, Shakleton, Peder Mannerfelt, and more. Read more details below.

(Aho Ssan ┬® Aho Ssan)

French producer Aho Ssan has smelted the vocals of Exzald S into a multi-layered track that gestures towards a future language for computer-produced music. New York’s Hiro Kone pairs with group A’s Tot Onyx to debut their collaboration with an outstanding showpiece of groaning power-surge electronics, while legendary futurist Gerald Donald (Drexciya, Dopplereffekt) contributes a track under his XOR Gate alias.

Speculative widescreen-electronics protagonists Roly Porter and Paul Jebanasam unveil the first recorded track of their collaborative Altar project, while Nkisi hones in on a section of her Atonal 2019 set ‘’Initiation” and reworks it into a brawling, bleak, hard-edged trampler. These tracks sit beside a transformational collab between Abdullah Miniawy and Carl Gari, evocative synthesised works from Caterina Barbieri and Laurel Halo, unclassifiable post-ambient from exael and Kazakh-British violinist Galya Bisengalieva and much much more.

The festival’s legendary revived imprint which has previously hosted contributions from Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV, Marshstepper and others now has a monumental new chapter. The compilation is released over 5 x 12”s available to pre-order (with immediate digital downloads), as well as a complete box set packed in an exclusive slipcase.

(Mika Vainio at Berlin Atonal 2016 ┬® Helge Mundt)

An additional release on the label comes from the late Mika Vainio and his celebrated set at the 2016 edition of Berlin Atonal. Between crisp, upfront sonic assault and backset rhythmic work, this pared-down, sensitive, and serious music has no parallel. The 2LP release is accompanied by the artwork from Vainio’s personal archives. All profits from the sale of the record will be donated to the Alpha School for Boys in Kingston, Jamaica.

Also revealed is a special new collaboration between Berlin Atonal and iconic streetwear and lifestyle brand Perks And Mini. P.A.M has created for Berlin Atonal two exclusive tees which carry forward the label’s penchant for artistic collaboration and psychedelic graphic innovation.

Ezra Miller has also designed for the campaign a T-Shirt and custom Nalgene water bottle. Berlin Atonal will also release some high-quality limited edition prints from visual artists who have exhibited at the festival in the past; Anne de Vries, Sasha Litvintseva + Beny Wagner, D.R. Boysen, Pedro Maia, Stéphanie Lagarde as well as a special photograph of the 2018 performance of Actress at the festival by Helge Mundt.

(Berlin Atonal 14 ┬®´©Å Helge Mundt)

Full details + Track list.

Artist. Various Artists
Title. Berlin Atonal: More Light
Label. Berlin Atonal
Type. Compilation + Collection
Format. Digital - 5×12″ Box Set 
Release date: Digital: October 27th, 2020 Vinyl: January 29th 2021


01. Aho Ssan + Exald S - Wondertomb
02. Exael - Circle (Squishy Mix)
03. Tunes Of Negation - Unremembered
04. Lafawndah - A Walk Beside The Beast

01. Galya Bisengalieva - Aralkum
02. Alessandro Adriani - I Wish I Could Save You
03. Nkisi - La Parole
04. XOR Gate - Boolean Logic Gate

01. Abdullah Miniawy + Carl Gari - The Cyg
02. Vladislav Delay - Isonainen
03. Lee Gamble - Polis
04. Pablo's Eye - A Way You'll Never Be

01. LABOUR - The Hit Of Enlightenment
02. Peder Mannerfelt - Let's Get Metaphysical
03. Caterina Barbieri - Sufyosowirl

01. Altar - Without Bodies
02. Laurel Halo - Terrain (Prototype 3c)
03. dBridge - Direct Reflection
04. Hiro Kone/Tot Onyx - DIN DIAN

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Mika Vainio
Title. 25082016235210179 – Live at Berlin Atonal
Format. Digital 
Release date: Digital: October 27th, 2020 Vinyl: January 29th 2021
Cat#. ATONAL007


1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII

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Review: With 'Need A Connection', Comic Boys managed to put out another powerful techno EP. In this release, you will find melodramatic sounds, dark whispers, and intense techno at its finest. This two-track bundle is a bomb with all the elements needed to put on fire the darkest dancefloors. Nice, as usual!

Cosmic Boys are back on UMEK’s label 1605 for another stomping techno EP in their usual peak time style. The new release has been titled 'Need A Connection EP' and is set to be out this Friday November 6th, 2020. 

This is the Cosmic Boys second solo EP to be out in 1605 in addition to the collaborative track they made with UMEK titled “Evolution” that went No.1 on Beatport earlier in 2020.

2020 has been a big year for the Cosmic Boys, as their remix of Mark Reeve also charted high on many leading download stores.

Their label Legend has been a main outlet for their music though, and that has also seen much success at the top of sales charts with releases from the Cosmic Boys themselves alongside music from others such as Space 92.

Both tracks have a ferocious energy combining immense synth lines, and the chunky sound of hard-hitting percussion.

“Need A Connection” hits like a freight train with its thumping kick drum and thrashing hi-hat rhythms that are underpinned by throbbing sub bass, while the building tension of the lead synth fills the track with a twisted euphoria.

Dark and compelling with a sinister atmosphere, “Universal” provides an intense dance floor experience for those who like their techno with a thrilling dose of excitement.

1605 will release 'Need A Connection EP' on November 6th, 2020. 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Cosmic Boys
Title: Need A Connection EP
Label: 1605
Release Date: Friday 6 November 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: 1605256


01. Need A Connection
02. Universal

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If the moment is proper to relax and enjoy the sound of house music, or better known, as music for the soul... stay tuned to the next release on City Fly Records. The label is excited to release Vol.2 of their Fly Family album series. They once again call upon their musical family from around the globe to curate this 12 track compilation of original house music.

The album is drenched in deep goodness aplenty ranging from the beatdown intro of Sydney’s Edseven to the gritty Techno banger ‘Middle Class Trashed' from YSE. The project brings together familiar faces that have previously released on the label like Marlow, Ugly Drums & label co owner The Last Trip To Gandahar alongside some of their favourite new producers and former club night guests. It’s a family thing!!

Artist: VA
Title: Fly Family Vol.2
Label: City Fly Records
Cat #: CFRFF002
Format: Digital
Genre: House / Deep House
Release Date: 20th Nov Traxsource Exclusive, 27th Official release date.
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1. Edseven - Market
2. Goshawk - Waiting For Love To Come Around
3. James Rudie - X Rhodes
4. Scruscru & Cipcura - Akazukin
5. Takaya - Move On
6. Marlow - I Wanna Be
7 Mirlaqi - Cult Of The Dry Stone
8. Shaka - Hit Me On The Hip
9. The Last Trip To Gandahar - Ooohh
10. Soul Of Hex - Steel Cavalier
11. Ugly Drums & Chesney - Optimal Sandals
12. YSE - Middle Class Trashed

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Review: With ‘Control Your Mind’, Mathias Kaden drops four authentic pieces featuring the finest modern dub techno sounds mixed with electric rollers, hypnotic groovy percussions. The sound of the four new original tracks are perfectly suited to Kaden's particular touch in music, focusing always in creating a trippy and propulsive banger. Tremendous EP!

Mathias Kaden returns to Rekids with a new four-track EP titled ‘Control Your Mind’, featuring a remix from Marcel Dettmann.

Previously appearing on Rekids in 2019 with his ‘Liberate Drums’ EP, Mathias Kaden makes his second appearance on Radio Slave aka Matt Edwards’ label with four original tracks of razor sharp material, as well as a remix from Berghain resident Dettmann. 

‘Control Your Mind’ opens with the impeccably produced title track, an electro flecked roller. Featuring hypnotic synth work and subtle automated inflections, the cut effortlessly glides, peppered with the occasional titular vocal refrain from Sven Väth puncturing the groove. Shifting into 4/4 territory is ‘Conviction’, a restrained but stunningly effective track that makes full use of memorable off-beat synth stabs and shimmering 909 percussion to constantly drive the track forward. 

On the flip, Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann turns up the heat with his remix of ‘Control Your Mind’. Filtering the vocals, the MDR and BAD MANNERS boss also delivers a resonant bassline that works in tandem with knocking percussion, as creeping pads morph and evolve over the duration of the track, creating a trippy and propulsive banger. 

Classic dub techno aesthetics are front and centre in ‘Substance’, a track destined for the golden hours between late at night and early in the morning, while finishing the package in fine style, the digital only ‘Anticipation’ showcases Kaden’s skill in crafting a killer peak time track, adding a welcome bonus of yet another weapon for USBs worldwide. 

Mathias Kaden ‘Control Your Mind’ drops via Rekids on 6th November 2020.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Mathias Kaden
Title: Control Your Mind
(Incl. Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Label: Rekids
Release date: 6th November 2020
Cat No: REKIDS167
Format: Digital / Vinyl


01 Control Your Mind
02 Conviction
03 Control Your Mind (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
04 Substance
05 Anticipation (Digital Only)