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Aiming to recommend nothing but quality stuff, here is the announcement of DJ Sotofett and LNS new collab album titled 'Sputters' that will be out on Tresor Records next month, on July 2nd, 2021 to be exact. The new double-vinyl album features fifthteen phenomenal tracks showcasing a world full of sci-fi sonics and fierce grooves looking forward to techno and electro. Stay tuned, full details below.

DJ Sotofett and LNS have teamed up with Tresor Records for Sputters. The double-vinyl album with 15 cuts spans a hybrid of warped electro and psychedelic hypnosis, all the while remaining fixed in an unmistakable dance release. Recorded between 2017 – 2020, and bookmarked throughout by intros and interludes dug out from archival material, it’s a deconstructed yet classic compound of techno-sonics.

LNS from Calgary, Canada, is rooted in braindance, electro and acid. Releasing 12inches on both her self-titled imprint LNS and Sotofett’s Wania – LNS, whilst in the studio, has often pointed out “the lacking blend of dub and electro in dance music”.

DJ Sotofett, hailing from Moss, Norway, is among a myriad of things commonly known for the extended work of his Sex Tags Mania and Wania labels, without forgetting his afro, dub and jazz releases on Honest Jon’s London.

Together both artists give space to a guest appearance by E-GZR, a fellow Wania artist, to open the Sputters journey. The sinus bending drum stutter of K.O. by E-GZR collisions flanging basses and chronic-inducing synth pads to blueprint the technoid atmosphere to come. LNS & DJ Sotofett take control with El Dubbing, evoking an effect-heavy demeanour, typical of the Sex Tags Mania soundworld that DJ Sotofett is responsible for, this time rubbing up against solid electrified rhythms. The hypnotic moods carry over to Dúnn Dubbing’s deep delays, freely running over a surprisingly minimal skeleton retaining a solid direction. Crafting a warmly emotive end of Side-A with sparse rhythms to perfection.

A meaner turn introduces Side-B. Hints of electro are scattered everywhere, fat basslines, ricocheting drums and synths that mourn and drift in and out of harmony. Vitri-Oil exposes a tumbling sound design, fog-lit chords of material fragility and nosedives – with an alive mix that wallows and grows in equal measures. The side closes with Shim, a classic drift between house and techno releasing sensual euphoria with the albums first big surprise – grand strings.

“LNS wanted to sell her TR-606, while my reply was for us to make a track with the 606 sounding so fresh that she’d never even think about selling it again” Sotofett states. Side-C proves the artists to be some of the most singular producers around with album centrepiece The 606. Clocking in over 10 minutes, it kicks off as a driving techno banger, chugging bass and big chords. Midway through everything falls away, and out of the void enter scattered drums and improv piano lines emerge, while twisted dubs lead us back in an enduringly warm groove.

Side-D sets the clock back to the original electroid foundation of the album, casting fires with alien vibrations. Synchronic Bass Blort is a hard-hitting electro track, steaming sonics and thrills, its melodic hook diving in subterranean motions. On Sputtering the duo raspily beams into outer space, with fizzy motives that disfigure and dazzle while the harmonies of the closing track is for yourself to experience.

DJ Sotofett and LNS deliver an album inhabiting a world full of sci-fi sonics and fierce groove. Their sound is free and live, simultaneously wondrous and sharp.

Cover Artwork.

Artist. LNS & DJ Sotofett
Title. Sputters
Label. Tresor
Cat#. TRESOR323 
Format. 180g 2×12″ / Digital
Release date. July 2nd, 2021


A1. Enter 323
A2. K.O. by E-GZR
A3. El Dubbing
A4. Dúnn Dubbing
B1. Ziggurat
B2. Inter 323
B3. Vitri-Oil
B4. Shim
C1. Restart 323
C2. The 606
C3. Tidbit
D1. Synchronic Bass Blort
D2. Sputtering
D3. Outrospect 323
D4. Cellular Coolant


All tracks written & produced by LNS & DJ Sotofett
Cat. No. TRESOR323 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Tresor Records 202

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Must be a recommendation on this site, the announcement that Compound X is launching a new limited edition vinyl label 'CX BLACK', accompanied with an EP featuring four very impressive and innovative tracks that set an immediately high standard. Entitled 'Sending Me Signals', the new record features very interesting  dark, fierce and deconstructed techno that sound very proper. Coming out on 30th July 2021, the release sits alongside a new merchandise range and website dubbed Compound X Official, which launches this June. Stay tuned, Full details below. 

Compound X is DAR and DULUM, both progressive and dedicated journeymen, their visions melting psychedelic rock and deconstructed techno to deliver a forward-thinking take on electronica. Their innovative sound first debuted in April 2020 on Distopic Utopia Records, and a live debut is scheduled for Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania, Australia, this June. The act's dynamic range and genuine sound artistry are what set Compound X beyond the status quo, something that’s clearly displayed with this latest release.

The opener 'Sending Me Signals' is dark and thrilling techno. The blistering synths bring fizzing energy to the hammering kicks, while tortured voices add extra layers of eeriness. There is haunting paranoia to the unsettling voices that loop in the background of 'Gone 2 Far.' The drums are again brilliantly brutal, and the whole atmosphere is utterly arresting.

The synths on 'Asexual Orgasm' sound as if fired from a machine gun with caustic textures, scraping hits, and dehumanised vocals add up to a wall of intense techno noise that will disorientate all dance-floors. Finally, 'Ancient Sentient' is a slightly more spacious cut with buzzsaw synths, undulating rhythms, and distorted bass that makes for maximum impact.

This stellar EP will be released alongside a collaborative merchandising range with renowned Australian fashion brand Ten Pieces and a brand new Compound X website on 18th of June with street style editorials, vinyl, art, and their own line of limited edition dj accessories. You can subscribe for updates from the Compound X team here.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Compound X
Title: Sending Me Signals
Label: CX Black
Release date: 30th July 2021
Cat No: CX001
Format: Vinyl, digital


1. Sending Me Signals
2. Gone 2 Far
3. Asexual Orgasm
4. Ancient Sentient

Previews / Track premiere soon...

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Aiming to remark good quality music, here is the announcement of the new 5-Track EP by the Dutch duo Black Cadmium. This extraordinary EP entitled ‘Our Legacy’ land on Vault Wax this summer (28th June 2021 in Vinyl & 16th July 2021 in Digital formats) featuring finest breaks-tinged rhythms, funk-infused atmospheres, smooth acid & sci-fi sounds and of course, good melodies. Stay tuned for this and more exquisite records. Full details below.

Joginda Macnack and Mike Richards, who make up the Black Cadmium duo, are two Dutch DJs, producers, and radio hosts of Surinamese descent who focus on a wide variety of authentic music. Black Cadmium are heavily influenced by the London to Detroit connection—from Hi-Tek to grime-tinged, UK sounds. On their musical journey, they have found themselves and delivered enchanting music on labels such Naive, Afro Acid, Ovum, United Identities, and acid-focused, Rotterdam-based imprint, Vault Wax, who the pair team up with again this summer. These two creative minds will guide you through their interpretation of sound with an explorative vision and an anything kind of attitude.

‘Our Legacy’ kicks off proceedings with sci-fi-like bleeps, pulsating bass grooves and oscillating acid throbs before ‘I Told Ya’ lays down breaks-tinged rhythms and fluttering 303 synths peppered with scintillating fx and shimmering 808s. Up next, the irresistible otherworldly cut ‘I Need You’ takes the EP into deeper territories as the tingling kicks, irresistible low frequencies and funk-infused atmospheres elegantly harmonise with each other.

On the flip, ‘004’ showcases Black Cadmium’s soulful yet effervescent style. Bumpy drums, dreamy melodies laced with sparkling tones and Detroit-Esque uplifting leads take the focus with pure style until ‘Bohemian’ rounds things off with lush melodies, rattling highs orbiting the zappy modulations that together effortlessly emanate an inspiriting aura throughout.

Black Cadmium ‘Our Legacy’ drops on Vault Wax on 28th June 2021 (Vinyl) and 16th July 2021 (Digital).

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Black Cadmium
Title: Our Legacy
Label: Vault Wax
Release date: 28th June 2021 (Vinyl), 16th July 2021 (Digital)
Cat. No.: VWX004
Format: Vinyl & Digital


1. Black Cadmium - Our Legacy
2. Black Cadmium - I Told Ya
3. Black Cadmium - I Need You
4. Black Cadmium - 004
5. Black Cadmium - Bohemian

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In the top of good recommendations, here is the announcement of Giri, known also as Gi Napoletano upcoming album 'Antichthon' that lands on Jeff Mills label Axis (The Escape Velocity) next month, on July 2nd, 2021 to be exact. The new release features nineteen outstanding original tracks showcasing a very creative, spatial and intense Naples techno. Stay tuned, full details below. 

In the 22nd century, at the edge of the end of the world, humanity discovers a new planet in the Solar System; in fact, thanks to the Event Detector telescope and to its warp-wiev technology, men are capable to notice an aqueous sphere identical to the Earth behind the Sun, in orbit and position perfectly specular to the blue planet.

The aerospace vanguards establish the mission Discovery Behind the Sun in which a scientists and an explorers team travel on board of Cyrillia, the ship armed with the Undo technology, the ultimate astronauts‘ hope against Universe‘s dangers. Between cosmic snares and space storms the crew travel towards what looks like a new home for men: Antichthon.

Route is often interrupted and system failures aren‘t long in coming but exactly in the middle of their journey there is the encounter destined to change their reality: in the opposite direction a twin ship is transporting a team which is identical to the Cyrillia‘s one, these are the men of Antichthon traveling towards what seems to be their future home: Earth.

Cover Artwork.

Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Giri
Title: Antichthon
Format: Album
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: July 2nd, 2021
Cat. No. ASD034
Distribution: AXIS Shop


1. Enter Hypersleep
2. Specular Signal Return
3. Automation Not Allowed
4. Route Correction
5. Forced Awakenings
6. Antares Passage
7. Hole Mirror Effect
8. Discovery Behind The Sun
9. Bridge Maneuver
10. The Undo Machine
11. Secret Data Filter
12. Cyrillia
13. Catalyst Chamber
14. Mutagene
15. Vacuum Encrease
16. Genetically Unrecognized
17. Sample Collect
18. Event Detector
19. Takeshi’s Dream

Previews soon...

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Looking to recommend some music guided by the deep techno atmospheres and intense minimal sounds, here it is the announcement of Luca Draccar's upcoming EP '419' that lands on Lush Point next month, on July 2nd, 2021 to be exact. The new release brings out three original tracks with Draccar's mistic style all over them. Stay tuned for this and more exquisite records. Full details below.

419 is the anagram of FOR ONE NIGHT. A hymn to the One Night Stand: love intensely and forget quickly. 4 is for; 1 is for one; 9 is for night. When the math says more than a sum of words, sighs, drinks, bedrooms (perhaps in a motel on the ring road), furtive encounters and suggestive glances. It is in those moments that math should be re-evaluate. 419 is what everyone just hoped at least, for one night.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Luca Draccar
Title: 419
Label: Lush Point
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: July 2nd, 2021
Cat. No. LP007
Distribution: Level Distribution



Hello folks, this is episode number nine of our LT podcast, for this chapter let us introduce you to Madelief.

Madelief is a young Guatemalan DJ with a style that she has defined herself, usually handling a very original musical selection, far from the ordinary, actually outstanding. Her mixes are characterized for featuring hard, experi-mental, and fast beats. She has called this 1 hour set as "Mental Aritmia", so you can imagine now what to expect.

Hope you people enjoy this very special guestmix, as we do.

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We'll never get tired of Rekids, their wide range of releases makes them one of the best labels in the circuit, best of all is their special taste when it comes to picking music. Now the turn to make an appearance in the label is for the UK techno legend Mark Broom. This is to announce his upcoming full LP in July.

Before, and to warm up the ambience providing a cohesive and captivating taste of the LP to follow in July, the man recently released his ‘Fast Fünfzig EP’, a marvelous piece containing four original tracks. The EP drops on Rekids in Vinyl and Digital formats on June 18th, 2021. Although not with the usual techno sound that Mark Broom has us used to, the release brings out the same high level of musical production, bringing on deeper and progressive intricate sounds. We highly recommend it. Full details below.

Mark Broom’s mammoth discography shows an artist who has put in the hours, boasting appearances on legendary imprints such as Robert Hood’s M-Plant, Warp Records, Pure Plastic, Bpitch Control, and of course Rekids. Alongside his solo work, his collaborations are an equal tour-de-force, with groups such as The Fear Ratio with James Ruskin counted as fan favourites.

Here though, Broom takes the reigns solo, drawing on decades worth of experience for a 12” of mind-altering cuts for one of electronic music’s most vital labels.

Tracks description.

Lead track ‘Fingers’ sees the British DJ/producer toying with rubbery basslines, glistening pads, and chunky percussion to deliver an irresistibly buoyant house track. ‘Slow’ follows suit, bringing another dose of deep low end next to eerie leads and shining synthesis.

On the flip, Broom enters electro-tinged territory on ‘Wild Style’, tying unruly machines together with vocal chops over a staggered, off-kilter drum pattern. Taking the B2 spot, ‘Facteur’ sees a reflective touch to the EP as emotive progressions unfurl under robust, mechanical hits, providing a cohesive and captivating taste of the LP to follow in July.

Artist: Mark Broom
Title: Fast Fünfzig EP
Label: Rekids
Release date: 18th June 2021
Cat No: REKIDS182
Format: Digital / Vinyl


A1. Fingers
A2. Slow
B1. Wild Style
B2. Facteur

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June doesnt seems like it's going to stop surprising us, that's for sure, specially when Joaquin Joe Claussell readies the ‘Raw Tones’ LP on Rekids this month. This is the first LP since 2008’s ‘Corresponding Echoes’ on his Sacred Rhythm Music. The new album arrives on Radio Slave’s label showcasing a nine-track excursion through the sound of his exquisitely soulful house music. Definitely a recommended release if you like what is good. Stay tuned, full details below.

Originally released on uber limited cassettes, the music within ‘Raw Tones’ caught the ear of Radio Slave, aka Matt Edwards, who messaged Claussell, a friend since remixing Edwards’ Machine project in 2012, and convinced the legendary producer that the music needed a wider audience and, so, ‘Raw Tones’ the LP is here.

Tracks description. 

Introspective opening cut ‘Lock Down’ draws for breathy strings and swirling pads, followed by the hypnotic and low-slung ‘The Blame Game (Table Top Idea)’, which sees jazzy keys float around carefully crafted dubbed-out ambience and subtle, whispered vocals.

‘Break Free’ ups the energy, bringing a wonky bassline under decisive, machine-like drum hits while both spoken and sung vocals interplay throughout. ‘You Mutha Fuka’ brings rock-solid drums and thick bass underneath delayed vocals before the dreamy chords and twinkling keys of ‘Way Back Then’ close out the B-side.

The gorgeous ‘Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette Demo)’ marries rolling percussion across live bass and softly drawn out pads, followed by an instrumental version of ‘Break Free’. The final side of vinyl sees the extended trippiness of ‘If It's All In Your Mind Let It Out’ lead into the floaty low tempo closer ‘Hallucinations Ejaculations’.

“Out of dark times and obscurity rose the creative spirits from within, then came Raw Tones...” Joaquin Joe Claussell (March 2021)

Joaquin Joe Claussell, co-founder of Body & Soul with Francois Kervorkian and Danny Krivit, continues to run his Sacred Rhythm Music record label and curate the Cosmic Arts community centre in his hometown of Brooklyn, NYC.

"Amid a three-month mandatory stay at home lockdown, I was forced to search for other ways to satisfy my usual and daily cravings for creativity. With the convenience of producing music inside the box, of which I’ve never grown comfortable with; Fortunately for me I always leaned towards analogue production as my preference; and which is how I started producing in the first place. Luckily, I found tucked away in storage my trusted vintage 4 track cassette portastudio recorder, along with a 50-count box of blank cassette tapes. Dusted off, recalibrated, demagnetised and tape heads cleaned off the machine, I immediately began recording. Comprised of my living room table, a microphone, a drum sequencer / midi controller, and the unique visual assistance of artist Akemi Shimada-the Raw Tones concept came into existence. Experiences of those dark days past are present in these recordings. The great thing was, however, that it immediately became apparent that it was an opportunity for me to pause and reflect on what is most important; a blessing in disguise, a cosmically formed path so to reset and really think things through. All of it resulting in bestowing upon me was a profound reminder that I needed to cherish and therefore not take for granted the concept of simplicity. What you are now holding is the result of what manifested from that concept, but also by the way of contributions given by the unforgiving sounds of sirens, uncertainty, fear, resentment, and mysteriously-an alternate sense of emancipation. Twelve out of 50 compositions produced were specifically chosen to fit within the metaphor and frequency of those very moments and thus selected and in real-time. Fast forward to the now it; by the will of the Rekid Family and in association with Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts, some of that above-mentioned experience has been channelled on to a double vinyl format, as well as on a host of digital platforms. We’re all still dealing with the uncertainty of what’s to become of all this chaos and confusion. It is my hopes that you the listener / DJ / Dancer can at the very least find some inspiration by the way of any part of this narrative- musically speaking.” 

Joaquin Joe Claussell

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Joaquin Joe Claussell
Title: Raw Tones
Label: Rekids
Release date: 26th June 2021
Cat No: REKIDS183
Format: Digital / Vinyl


A1 Lock Down
A2 The Blame Game (Table Top Idea)
B1 Break Free
B2 You Mutha Fuka
B3 Way Back Then
C1 Air We Breathe (Revisited Cassette Demo)
C2 Break Free (Instrumental)
D1 If It’s All in Your Mind Let It Out
D2 Hallucination Ejaculation


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Surfing in the search for good releases for this month, I found that Etruria Beat founder Luca Agnelli unveils his long-awaited debut album, ‘Source Drops’ – presenting a ten-track journey through techno and beyond. The LP comes out in early July in its Vinyl format, and later digitally. If you are fascinated by experimental rhythms and intricate techno sounds, you will definitely want to have this piece. Find full details below. 

A name at the centre of Italy’s rich house and techno scene for over a decade, Etruria Beat head-honcho Luca Agnelli continues to showcase his talent as a leading DJ, producer and label boss on the international stage. With releases via a host of globally renowned labels, plus standout remixes including Moby’s iconic ‘Porcelain’, the Tuscany native’s reputation has seen him become of the genre’s leading artists when combining energetic, entrancing productions throughout his powerful DJ sets. Yet, the core of his work has always found a perfect home on his own Etruria Beat imprint, with early-July now welcoming the arrival of his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Source Drops’ – an in-depth musical story presenting growth, development, self-reflection, and raw emotions via a collection of ten tracks ranging from powerful peak-time anthems through to EBM influenced cuts and slower, hypnotic productions.

“This is the journey that traces my musical evolution of the last 20 years, discovering more conceptual, deeper musical territories; taking inspiration from what influenced me in my career as a DJ and from my continuous research without musical barriers. A journey always in equilibrium, at times dark and sharp, solar and fluid, that develops a different creative vision in each track trying to convey my most intimate and strongest emotions". – Luca Agnelli

Opening via the slow-blooming builds and atmospheric and waves of ‘Black Mirror’, before diving into the heady and menacing tones of ‘Mutant Circle’, the ten-track project quickly showcases a wide-reaching range of influences and nuances central to Agnelli’s development as an artist over his career. Productions such as ‘Balance’ and ‘Oxigen’ contrast with one another whilst bringing space to proceedings, guided by breaks-influenced percussion, minimal arrangements, and warping leads, whilst the driving ‘Resistance’ harnesses classic techno tendencies to provide an energetic and lively, snaking journey through rich soundscapes.

Title cut ‘Source Drops’ brings that trademark Luca Agnelli energy to the heart of the project, merging scintillating melodies, acid-tinged stabs, and icy hats to unveil a high-octane ride into the peak-time, whilst ‘Raw Surface’ keeps the tempo high with sweeping leads, oscillating basslines and resonant lasers. Next, ‘Omega’ spirals into an off-kilter ride through glitchy echoed vocals, crunchy percussion, and rumbling low-ends, with the epic ‘Losing Control’ welcoming an infectious lead melody at its core guided by punchy kicks and slick drum licks. To close, the package veers to an eerie yet ethereal close as hazy, celestial vocal chants meet panning sirens and swooping electronics – punctuating an expansive and diverse offering from the Italian favourite and shaping up an impressive debut LP in the process.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Luca Agnelli
Title: Source Drops
Label: Etruria Beat
Release date: Early-July 2021 (Vinyl) (July 9 ,2021) / late-July 2021 (Digital)
Cat. No.: ETB070
Format: Vinyl / Digital


1. Black Mirror
2. Mutant Circle
3. Balance
4. Oxigen
5. Source Drops
6. Losing Control
7. Omega
8. Resistance
9. Raw Surface
10. Blow

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Last year we talked about Gotshell's EP 'Lost Gateway', it was a proper techno release that got successful reviews. Now Korpus 9 is releasing the second part. This is definitely a recommendable piece, like in the first part, every track has its own thing, concluding in great techno productions.

'Lost Gateway Part II' features 4 tracks (gate five to gate eight) and will be released on June 18th,2021. Here we come with four more recordings that complement the novelette of the fully emotional first pack you can also find in Korpus 9 label catalog.

Airy rhythms along with experimental percussions are able to make you plunge into a unique kind of trance. Enough talk, better not to miss this quality Techno machine submitted by Korpus 9.

Cover Artwork.

Label: Korpus 9
Artist: Gotshell
Title: Lost Gateway Part II
Format: EP Digital
Release Date: June 18th,2021 (Beatport)
Cat. No. K9019
Distribution: Label Worx, Acapella Music LLC


1. Gate Five (Original Mix)
2. Gate Six (Original Mix)
3. Gate Seven (Original Mix)
4. Gate Eight (Original Mix)

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Legendary John Tejada's label Palette Recordings, now in its 25th year, presents a brand new collaboration between label boss and Ulrich Krieger. The EP titled 'Silversonic' includes 3 different versions of the single title track, featuring interpretations by Josh Wink and a beatless edit. The EP is definitely recommendable. Stay tuned, the official release date has been set for July 16, 2021. Full details below.

'SIlversonic' was born when the two CalArts professors got on the subject of techno during a student portfolio review. Realizing each other’s involvement in the genre, the two thought to immediately collaborate and the track Silversonic was born.

The original version is a blend of Tejada’s electronic production and Krieger’s tenor, baritone saxophone and contrabass clarinet playing as well as a blend of microphonics, a specialized playing style Ulrich is known for.

Josh Wink makes his first appearance on Palette and lends his talents to not one, but two remixes. His first interpretation builds on the work of the original adding a driving style and a layered melodic build of synths complimenting Krieger’s playing. Wink’s second interpretation, “dub,” reduces his remix into a more rhythmicly driving DJ friendly version.

Rounding out the EP is Tejada and Krieger’s beatless mix. A version focusing only on Krieger’s playing and arrangement. Hearing the track with just Ulrich’s multi-tracked horns, microphonics and just a touch of manipulation by Tejada stands on its own as a sort of modern techno jazz workout.

Krieger is a German composer and saxophonist living in Southern California. His recent focus lies on the experimental fringes of contemporary rock culture, in the limbo where noise, metal, silence, electronic music, improvisation and experimental chamber music meet – not accepting stylistic boundaries. Beside his solo work, he performed extensively with his two groups Metal Machine Trio, and Text of Light. He has collaborated and performed with Lou Reed, Faust, Lee Ranaldo, John Zorn, Merzbow, Thomas Köner, Robert Henke (Monolake), Laurie Anderson, Carl Stone, Christian Marclay, LaMonte Young, Phill Niblock, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Berlin Philharmonics, Ensemble Modern, PARTCH Ensemble, and many more. His compositions are widely performed internationally. Krieger studied classical/contemporary saxophone, composition, electronic music, and musicology in Berlin and New York.
He is professor for composition and rock music at CalArts.

John Tejada is a Vienna-born, Los Angeles-based electronic music composer, DJ, and professor at CalArts. Tejada’s professional output of music began in 1994 and has never let up, including five albums for the revered label Kompakt, plus releases on Pokerflat, Cocoon, Plug Research, Seventh City, Playhouse, Defected, and his own label since 1996, Palette Recordings. Tejada has also been responsible for remixing over 100 songs for acts including The Postal Service, Télépopmusic, The Field, Bomb The Bass, Way Out West, Kevin Saunderson, Darren Emerson, Gui Boratto, Simian Mobile Disco and many others. Tejada’s latest venture as Wajatta is a musical collaboration with international star Reggie Watts, having released their debut album, Casual High Technology, in 2018 and Don’t Let Get You Down in 2020 on Brainfeeder.

Tejada has traveled to more than 30 countries DJing and performing live at clubs—Berghain (Berlin), Fabric (London), Rex Club (Paris), Womb (Tokyo)—festivals such as Dance Valley (Netherlands), Decibel Festival (Seattle), Dekmantel Festival (Amsterdam), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (aka Movement), Mutek (Montreal and Mexico), Sonar Festival (Spain and Tokyo) and Sync Festival (Greece), as well as esteemed venues such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and twice at Walt Disney Concert Hall, both in Los Angeles.

Josh Wink, is an American electronic music DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. He is a native of Philadelphia. A pioneering DJ in the American rave scene during the early 1990s, Wink was the most prominent exponent of the tribal forms of techno and house in the U.S. In 1995, he released several hits, including "Don't Laugh" (as Winx), "I'm Ready" (as Size 9) (which hit number one on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart), and "Higher State of Consciousness," which topped the dance charts in Europe. He has had many club hits such as "How's Your Evening So Far?" (samples Lil Louis's 'French Kiss') and "Superfreak (Freak)" and has also gained much attention for his remixes of Stabbing Westward, FC Kahuna, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Towa Tei, Ladytron and Depeche Mode, among others.

Artist: John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger
Title: Silversonic
Label: Palette Recordings
Format: Digital
Release date: July 16, 2021


John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger - Silversonic
John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger - Silversonic (Josh Wink Interpretation)
John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger - Silversonic (Beatless)
John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger - Silversonic (Josh Wink Dub Interpretation)

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Helsinki-based label Absence of Facts will be releasing a funky and raw two tracker EP by Orion.

With its roots firmly in the relentless techno of the '90s, Absence of Facts presents modern analog-inspired tracks that have been handcrafted and carefully selected in Helsinki, Finland.

'Outlaw' is a brilliant looping tool equipped with driving minimal funk while 'Komainu' takes things to the broken beat domain spiced with haunting granular vox. 

Listen exclusively to the premiere for the track 'Orion - Komainu (Original Mix)' here. 

Release date: June 17, 2021.